Friday, June 27, 2008

Cell towers vs Windmills?

Noting my previous entry about windmills (and for some reason finally noticing all of the cell phone towers between my house and my office) I started to wonder.... Is there a reason that cell phone towers don't double as windmills?

I know NOTHING about windmills, or cell phone towers, but it seems like the base of a cell tower is incredibly similar to the base of a windmill (or could be). It also seems like someone has figured out how to construct these monstrosities without "the public" screaming and yelling. Now, I also don't know how much power a cell phone tower might use, BUT, why isn't someone helping us out and figuring out how to double a cell tower as a power generator? Maybe even some solar panels on the tower for backup? There has to be a good reason someone else hasn't thought of this/done this, or hopefully someone will leave me an email and explain the problem with my concept? Or maybe someone at BigPhoneCompany or BigEnergyCompany will pay me for my brilliant idea and I can retire from my day job. While this may sound strange, I'll note that we do double the use of the "Telephone Pole" for all wiring, electric, phones, cable, fire alarm to the chiefs house.... and the electricity running 3ft above the telephone/cable lines isn't causing interference as far as I know so it seems like we should be able to use wind/solar to at least power cell towers, if not even feed back into the grid.

Just a Random Thought from an Average No One.

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