Monday, June 16, 2008

Come Celebrate Two Years of a Polluted River and Millions of Wasted Tax Dollars!

A new flyer is making it's way around Long Branch inviting residents to attend a celebration of pollution at Branchport Park on Atlantic Ave in Long Branch on July 25th, 2008, two full years since the DANGER signs were posted courtesy of the Long Branch Health Department, at your expense.

While I suspect that no one will show up at the park seriously expecting a celebration of pollution and wasted tax money, I do hope that at least a few people question our elected officials about this pollution and what is being done to address this now two year old problem.

Fortunately, it seems that the owners of Monmouth Park as well as the CEO and other directors of the NJSEA which controls Monmouth Park, are significant donors to the Democratic Party as well as donors to our area Representatives (Pallone and Holt), our Governor (Jon Corzine) and both US Senators (Menendez and Lautenberg) not to mention that Lisa Jackson of the NJ DEP appears to be a hire of the Democratic party so since all of the people are related by party and contribute financially to one another, we're sure to see this problem addressed any time now, give or take another two years! And I can't just blame the Democratic party as there seem to be a number of high ranking Republicans sitting on the board of the NJSEA as well. Surely with all of the political connections, money and power that the board has, there is a fix to the widespread pollution that won't continue to cost us taxpayers money? (We've been paying for routine water monitoring of the whole river for two years now.)

With "Mr. Environment" Frank Pallone (NJ06), Rush Holt (NJ12), and Frank Lautenberg (US Senate) making ballot appearances this November, I challenge these individuals to fix the problem without tax payer money or withdraw from the race. I know none of them will take my challenge, but I like to pretend I'm import and pretend challenges I issue mean something. Really, I'm just an average no one and I know it, so humor me and call them to see if they'll take my challenge.

A PDF Version of the flyer with telephone numbers is available for you to download and distribute.

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