Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome and Thank you

I'll be documenting the fun that was running for Congress here in NJ's 6th Congressional District here on this blog. I might toss in some random thoughts and n0n-sense, maybe even notes to myself, in the middle. For now, here is my "Thank you" as posted on my HoganForCongress.com website.

Thank You!
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you.
A new website is coming soon!
James P. Hogan
Republican Candidate for US Congress - NJ 6th District

As for me, I'll be disappearing back into the general masses. I may or may not decide to keep working against Pallone here in the district depending on my time and resources but I certainly won't be dedicating the time and energy that I have dedicated over the past few months to fighting this battle. I'm not convinced at all that Robert McLeod, winner here in the 6th District, stands for the same things I stand for, but I will encourage others to vote for him in November as Mr. Pallone has proven to be ineffective and unable to address the economic and environmental problems that concern me. I suppose that Mr. McLeod may also fail but I encourage others to allow him the opportunity to fail as Pallone has already failed us and has proven to be a failure for the past 20 years, McLeod can't be worse. The worst case is that McLeod is no better than Pallone, the best case is that beyond being a traffic court judge, McLeod has very good ideas and solves a few problems. In other words, McLeod is "the better of two evils" and I will be supporting him through November.

Politics aside, I do intend to remain active on several local issues that are important to me personally:

1) Pollution in the Branchport Creek/Shrewsbury River (and other local rivers/beaches/parks)
2) Lack of adequate public transportation
3) Youth Rights
4) Better land use plans here in NJ

and if anyone would like to join me in my crusades to raise awareness of these issues and see them addressed, please contact me via email (username "james" at this domain).

Also, I'll likely retain my affiliation with the Republican party (I have previously always been Unaffiliated and changed only in time for primaries) as I have met many good people in the Republican party and I believe that there are many good people (apparently about 20% of the population) who find the general message of my platform to be worthy of some level of support and while I likely won't try to run for another public office, I won't rule out the possibility of running for a smaller/local office although I do believe that a concerned and active 20% of the population can make a significant difference in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness without being in an elected position. As my time permits over the next few days or weeks, I will be trying to chronicle and recap my experience running for Congress and hopefully can either inspire someone else to try their hand two years from now or can at least provide some guidance and insight for someone interested in running for office.

Again, thank you to all of the other liberty candidates including, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Powers, Mr. Young, Mrs. Erber, our freeholder candidates and our delegates, especially Rob and Gloria who have put so much work into both the Ron Paul campaign and the Murray Sabrin campaign, and most of all, thank you to Murray Sabrin for keeping the spirit alive a few extra months in New Jersey and his staff, specifically George Ajjan and Paul Juhasz who were both EXTREMELY helpful to me and thank you to those of you, specifically Dan Maiullo, Gene Louis and Joe Fisher who were instrumental in convincing me to even make the effort, Debie, Brad, Kristrian, Anthony D, Tamas, Margaret C, Tiffany, and I'm sure many others who I'm sadly forgetting off of the top of my head.

As a final and most important thank you - my girlfriend Celina - who some of you have met, others didn't get to meet, who not only humored my efforts and could care less about being involved in the political process but was always by my side handing out flyers, attending events, talking to voters and even driving around for the past few months with a big "Hogan For Congress" sign shoe polished onto her car's back window. I could not, and would not, have been able to get even 1% of the vote without her help and if anyone I've thanked thinks they've done any significant work to help, I assure you that my girlfriend provided an infinite amount more support and help than everyone else combined and if there is one bit of advise I offer to anyone who seeks an office in the future, having the love and support of your significant other is paramount.

I also thank, and encourage all to visit the blog (More Monmouth Musings) of Art Gallagher who was also extremely helpful and supportive of my campaign. Art's blog is a great resource for those wishing to keep well informed of the issues and politics in the county and state and Art is one of the many friendly and good people I was fortunate enough to meet during my campaign. If Art ever runs for office, I will volunteer the same time and energy I put into my own campaign to help Art.

I also thank Eric Sedler of Red Jersey for his support. While Eric and I seem to have differing opinions on many issues, Eric is both well informed and a hard worker who will hopefully seek a public office in the future as I believe he has the knowledge to represent the people well.

Thank you all again and with that, I am off to do some software engineering..... best of luck to you all in the future and maybe our paths will cross again. :-)

-- James P. Hogan

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