Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Which Politician Will Break Wind First?

CNN is reporting that a Wind farm is to be built off Delaware shore by a company called Bluewater Wind.

At a cost of $1.6billion ($1,600,000,000) to power 50,000 homes for 25 years, I'm calculating that is an average cost of $1280 per home per year. Split over 12 months, you're looking at about $107/month in an electric bill just to break even. I would say that overall this sounds promissing on the financial front since, if I'm reading the article correctly, the claim is that 50,000 homes is "only" based on 16 percent of the wind farm's capacity. Assuming that the other 84% of capacity can be sold to industrial and commercial business, I'd have to think that the ROI for Bluewater is VERY good and it sounds like cheap electric for us consumers. The only question is which politician will side with the environmentalists first and fight the development of this wind farm? You know it's coming sooner rather than later and you know those hippies won't consider that the alternative to wind offshore is wind turbines in their backyards, or nuclear energy, which they'll also fight. Bluewater encourages you to contact your local politician and beg for them to permit this wind farm to be built. Maybe I'll break out the ol' typewriter for this one...

FWIW - it appears Bluewater has plans for NJ as well.

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