Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me on Melissa Gaffney on Art Gallagher on Jim Purcell on Middletown Mike.... ewww!

A few bloggers are weighing in on this Anthony Fiore fella which has created quite the circle jerk of blog links which I now feel inclined to join thanks to my inclusion by Melissa Gaffney.

First, my $.02 on Mr. Fiore - I don't know the guy but I don't like him, sorry. At first glance, I would really have liked to see M'town and the public get behind Mr. Fiore, support him and elect him. He is a relatively young fella who seems to want to be involved and get something done and I like that about him. The "problem" is that he appears to be a liar based on what we know and it doesn't appear that he can reasonably work himself out of the lie; ie - this is an outright lie, not a misunderstanding, typo, misquote, misspeak (is that a word?), etc. In other words, I have no problem with Mr. Fiore who is a VP at a Bank (isn't that the starting job title?) and the holder of a BA in Political Science (don't those pollysci degrees come from diploma mills or cracker jack boxes?) running for office, but I do have a problem with any candidate being a liar. Melissa's blog covers the whole story pretty well.

For what it's worth, I have a friend who really was a volunteer firefighter in Carteret (no bullshit!) and paid EMT in Carteret during some of the years Mr. Fiore claims to have been a volunteer firefighter. My friend doesn't seem to have a recollection of Mr. Fiore and she would know as she was a busy and active volunteer. I won't call bullshit on Mr. Fiore for this claim (yet) but based on his other lies, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to prove his volunteer firefighter status as well.

So anyway.... on to the blogger circle jerk.... I feel the need to defend Ms. Gaffney from the claims that she is anti-GOP. I can verify that Ms. Gaffney was polite to Ms. Brightbill at the Bayshore Flood Management meeting thing (as noted in a previous blog entry) and Ms. Gaffney has always been polite to me, in fact, my girlfriend and I even took Melissa out to dinner after the primary and we have made plans to meet for another dinner. My opinion, and it is just an opinion from an Average No One, is that Melissa, like me, just finds that most politicians start with good intentions and their true colors show quickly. Also like me, Melissa doesn't seem to be shy about pointing out those colors and in fact wants to see those colors.

It's also worth noting that Melissa doesn't seem to be fan of Mr. Lautenberg (see the comments) and Melissa has also noted several times that Lautenberg's office and Rush Holt's office have been almost non-existent on the FEMA issue, don't return calls, etc. Aside from that, it seems that she might be correct and the GOP members ignore her and/or give her ammunition. Again, I have to say - I sent Melissa a friendly email following a blog entry in which she noted my flyer, and I'd list our relationship as "professional pen pals" since then. Now, I suppose I could have taken the route "yeah! I'm bad mouthing Pallone, so take it!" but she was being accurate and I emailed her to simply note that I would have said hello but I didn't want to interrupt the meeting to talk to her, then she left early so sorry we missed each other. Pam was very friendly to me (I had no idea who Pam was at that point) when she saw my flyer, Melissa was very friendly to Pam (seemed to know each other but Pam didn't seem too happy to see Melissa, what do I know) and I was just sitting as quiet as possible so as not to cause trouble and see what other people had to say. *Shrug*.

So to keep the circle jerk alive....
Jim Purcell on Inside Clamdigger is covering Melissa Gaffney of Sable Minded but Art Gallagher of MoreMonmouthMusings is also covering the story and Middletown Mike of, well, nothing, is talking about Art and if I'm lucky, someone will now cover me covering Melissa who is covering Art who was covering Jim who was also covering Melissa and again, I don't know why I included Mike other than that he commented on Art on a different subject.

(Update: July 24 - fixed some spelling/typo errors)

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