Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Mr. Environment" Frank Pallone Fails Again

The worst newspaper in the world is reporting on the polluted beaches we have here in New Jersey, again. The APP claims Activists urge state to clean up beaches but these are the same activists who seem to be fueling Frank "Mr. Environment" Pallone's PR machine with the line "he's good for the environment."

Let us review. Frank has been in office for the past 20 years. During the twenty years, we have seen the environment become more and more polluted each year as noted:

Last year, closure and advisory days at ocean, bay and Great Lakes beaches
topped 20,000 for the third straight year, "confirming that our nation's beaches
continue to suffer from serious water pollution that puts swimmers at risk," the
report says.
Last year's total was the second highest in 18 years, according to the
report, which is on the Web.

So I ask, again, Where's Frank to save the day? Frank was able to create legislation to use our tax money to monitor the water, and then what? We've been paying to monitor the Branchport Creek for 2 years now, the sad part about this is that 2 years later, those "DANGER - Polluted Water" signs still exist over in the Branchport Creek. It's no mystery where the pollution comes from as Monmouth Park has admitted fault for this pollution, but where is Frank Pallone going after the polluter? Frank's CleanWhatever Acts are indeeed just an act supposed to call for water monitoring and strict penalties for party responsible for the pollution.

In my opinion, the problem is that there is a conflict of interest between our elected officials, Frank Pallone, Jon Corzine, Frank Lautenberg, Bob Menendez etc along with Dennis Robinson (D) at the NJSEA and Lisa Jackson (D) at the DEP. Based on the apparent conflict of interest and lack of action, I suppose contacting US Attorney Chris Christie to see if they can get involved might be the next logical step. If nothing else, maybe the AG's office can check and see if those non-English speaking workers at Monmouth are legal immigrants following MP's SOP for manure removal.

The Haskell is this weekend at Monmouth Park Frank, care to do something to force a cleanup, or will you just be heading over there to place and bet and hang out with your friends?


Melissa L. Gaffney said...

Well Jim, don't forget Frank has been very busy* lately with this whole FEMA debacle.

. . . which I haven't heard hide nor hair about since . . . the big open house . . . oh.

James Hogan said...

Mr. Pallone must be busy saving Muhlenberg Hospital up in Plainfield then...
State OKs closing of Plainfield hospital