Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something Big is Going On... Is it?

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There is an interesting blog entry that is supposedly from Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from TX-14 posted over at Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty website. The blog entry is supposedly a letter that Dr. Paul will read into the Congressional Record next week. I suppose the world's dire problems don't need to be addressed today, or even tomorrow, so we'll wait and it must not be THAT pressing of an issue after all. I suppose having been read into the Congressional Record, next week, we'll get right on it. If I had a "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" sound board, I'd play the clip "I'm right on top of that Rose!" right about now, and then continue to file my fingernails.

I like Dr. Paul, I supported him in his presidential campaign and I think he's on to something. However, I also find that much of what he does is just another form fear mongering. Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Paul is right and the US economy is about to collapse. It happened in the USSR, the other superpower you might remember from 20 years ago and aside from paying a few teachers in Vodka, nothing has really changed over there as far as I can see. They still have a space program that is at least as good as ours or better; they still have a military; they still have food and water, sewage systems and electricity; police and politicians (no more corrupt than some of our own) along with trains, planes and automobiles. In fact, despite the collapse of the USSR, I'd have to say they aren't doing so bad as far as I can tell. (not to mention that the USSR still produces two very important things to me: Good Computer Programmers/Code and Day Strippers for the local "gentlemen's club"... hrm, maybe I should have left that part out, ohh well, too late, my backspace key is broken...).

I do believe that the dangers Dr. Paul tells us about are real. I do believe that our economy is doomed and our current policies are to blame. I do not believe we all need to be in a panic and start some armed revolution, in fact, I've taken this time of a shaky economy to loosen the safety belts and give the roller coaster a ride - if you or I fall off, there will be plenty of others piled up beneath the rails along with you and I, we won't be alone.

As for those who still want to chose the route of an American Revolution "like the first one"... I ask my same old questions:

1) Where are you going to get clean water for you troops? We haven't cleaned a river or beach in 20 years and nothing out there "in the wild" is potable without "the government" taking care of it for you. Or have you learned some water purification techniques that you'll make use of?

2) Where are you going to get food? The country is no longer 90% farms and in fact, our tax dollars pay to keep it that way through tax subsidies. Or do you all have plantations and you will give away your food to passing soldiers?

3) When is the last time you walked 300 miles from West Point to Washington DC fighting battles along the way like George Washington? Even at $4/gallon, I don't see "you people" even walking 1 mile to the liquor store for a beer. You also make your own gun powder and lead balls for your muskets right?

4) When is the last time you made your own clothes or hand washed them? Or should I assume your clothes will never wear out, get dirty, or be out grown? "you people" can start hand washing your clothes and air drying them now, cause there won't be electricity for either later, for practice. You also can make your own Ugg boots right? I mean, those China made Nikes aren't going to cut it out there.

5) Will you be hunting *all* of the deer for food or just what you need to survive? And will you refrigerate or freeze the left overs? Or have you been practicing your salt packing for preservation? Might I suggest bringing some pitbulls with you, they seem to be good at attacking anything that moves - could be a weapon AND a way to catch beef.

blah blah blah.... the world is doomed...I know. I know. "you've changed, man" or "now you're just part of the problem, man".... It's not that I've given up my search for freedom. I'm still trying to figure out how to achieve this Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness thing along with economic prosperity, or at least independent personal wealth, but I try to be a realist sometimes and sometimes, the truth hurts. I beg my libertarian friends and those of you looking to start the armed revolution to think logically for a second or two here. I know "they" don't think logically, but "you people" claim to... might want to plan this one out a little better if you're going to start the revolution again. In the meantime, I would suggest starting your own farm (because it'd be good for the economy anyhow), starting your own clothing company (because it'd be good for the economy anyhow), air drying your clothes (because it uses less electricity), and walking the few miles a day to work/school/stores/etc (because it's good for your health and you'll burn less gas). All of these things will prepare you for battle and help "in the long run" anyhow.

As for my "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's dead" reference: Score +2! :-)

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