Monday, July 14, 2008

What happened to this country we call the US of A?

I have an email in to the NJ DEP for more information, but this morning's APP covered a small little story noting that Atlantic Highlands is considering a town-run car wash. I'll be honest, I DO have a problem with "the government" spending anyone's tax money to start a business. How about, if "the government" has $1 MILLION to spend on a car wash, maybe they need to cut property taxes a bit? Or put that $1 MILLION into that transit tunnel NJ needs to fund?

But the real story was in a single line that I hadn't heard before and I HOPE is just a misprint/mistake in comprehension...

In 2009, washing vehicles in driveways and on the street will be prohibited by the state Department of Environmental Protection's stormwater management regulations, he said.

Huh? What? Did I read that correctly? Is it my comprehension skills that are lacking? Will it be illegal for me to wash my own car? Does some clown, who We the People apparently elected to represent us, think this is a good idea? WHAT THE F? Back in the day, I used to get all excited when Mom and Dad said "sure, go wash the pos rust bucket!"... imagine if I was a lucky kid who's dad had a nice car? I'd of cleaned it twice a day!

As I said, I have an email in to NJ DEP for clarification/more information. I'm reasonably sure that should the town car wash, or the DEP regulations, be true, we may as well call Freedom as we know it done and gone... then again, maybe it is done and gone anyhow...

...WHILE YOU APPARENTLY CAN'T WASH YOUR OWN is what the rest of the world is doing....

Belgium-based InBev is buying the great American beer company Anheuser-Busch for $49.9 billion. Remember when the US used to export Tobacco? Neither do I.... but it sounded good and I think was part of a revolution... but don't worry, your elected represented killed/is killing that industry, just like they killed the American beer industry. Way to go. I don't drink beer or any alcohol, but I certainly recognize Anheuser-Busch as a Great American Institution, not just some company with shareholders. F their shareholders! And "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" (MADD) too.

Moving right along...The Government of Abu Dhabi bought the Chrysler Building while at the same time purchasing $20 BILLION worth of aircraft from a European company, not even Boeing, Lockheed or some other American company. WE INVENTED THE DAMN AIRPLANE!!! (Update: 5:36pm - a reader emailed me to note that 1) some of the orders are through Boeing, the rest are through Airbus... and 2) Correct, this James Hogan (me) is not James Hogan, CEO of Etihad - but if said billionaire wants to send me money, please let me know.) And Abu Dhabi also has their billion dollar hotel. Hey at least now when some terrorists fly an airplane into a building, it'll be their plane, and their building. Offended? Too bad, your elected officials (and mine) are letting it happen. Sell-outs. Free markets my sack, the last thing that the US needs is foreign governments owning huge properties and/or business here and how about free markets where US based companies can compete for such $20 BILLION orders without the government over regulating everything?

And did I mention that NYU will have a campus in Abu Dhabi? Or is it the Louvre (the French museum) moving to Abu Dhabi that gets your attention? Maybe the Guggenheim opening in Abu Dhabi? Anything else we want to send over there? And I won't even get into the spending over in Dubai, another oil rich nation, where they recently created some man-made islands in the shape of the world along with a few other billion dollar projects that are just designed to show off their wealth.

Meanwhile, our politicians are worried about banning off-shore drilling, banning off-shore wind farms, banning nuclear power and can't figure out how to raise a few million for a transit tunnel We the People want, and need. Just watch and do nothing while these other countries are just pumping oil out, raking our money in at $4+/gallon and funding BILLION dollar projects.... while Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, along with all of our US banks fail. Awful. I'll add the Meguire's and Turtle Wax companies to other great American companies (who make all of their products in China, go figure) who will be out of business when you can't Wash your own car, but don't sweat it... Obama will use the tax money from those of us who still have a job to pay for unemployment and healthcare for anyone who ends up out of work.

After this weekend's news, I have to say - I am absolutely disgusted by what has become of this country. We lost 9 American soldiers in Afghanistan because we're too scared to tell Pakistan to get out of our way while we hunt terrorists. The Iraqi prime minister is bossing our Army around as if he is in charge of our military. We have 50,000+ soldiers who signed up for the Army defending the Korean border and NJ is sending over a brigade of National Guardsmen who signed up to defend our own borders to Iraq because our Army is spread so thin. Meanwhile, illegals are still crossing the US border every day from Mexico and/or Canada and our politicians don't see a problem with sending the people who are supposed to defend our borders to other nations? At the same time, we have lawyers and politicians (and people) who want to extend our constitutional rights to these border crossing criminals, but my criminal friend gave up his constitutional rights when he committed a crime and went to prison. This weekend, I even read that a whole town of Mexicans was seeking political asylum in Texas because of drug cartel/gang violence in Mexico - sure - let gangs and thugs operate freely at our borders while we just take in refugees and pay for them.

Maybe some of the readers will find this entry offensive, or unAmerican, but when my government is worried about me washing my car and how to fund a million dollar train tunnel while I'm paying 50%+ of my income directly into taxes and other countries are raping us of $4/gallon gasoline while funding BILLION dollar projects and sprinkling gold dust on their coffee, I am not just disgusted, I am offended. I was promised flying cars as a kid, I don't even have a car without an internal combustion engine yet. The first solar car was a working prototype in the 1950s, where is that car now? Electric cars are nothing new, where is it? France has working, profitable, cheap, safe nuclear electricity based on US technology, where is my cheap nuclear electricity? Abu Dhabi is buying our piece of crap 100 year old concrete buildings and building castles made of pure gold, where is my $.10 train tunnel? My MOM line? My hose to wash my car with? Ridiculous.

I can't be alone here, someone else has to see what is going on and have workable solutions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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