Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why I won't be voting for the Constitution Party either...

This morning I found an email invite to meet a Mr. Peter Boyce, Constitution Party Candidate for Congress in NJ-02. The email tells me when and where to meet Peter but I'm not going to share that information here because Peter Boyce won't be getting my vote, support or any future mentions, all because of one line at the bottom on the email and then displayed on his website:

“My position on any issue is no mystery. All one needs to do is read the United States Constitution and the Ten Commandments.” ~ Peter F. Boyce

Go ahead and call me a single issue voter but....

Sorry Peter, the Ten what? Did you mean the Ten Amendments? Like the first Ten we call the Bill of the Rights? I don't know what this ten commandments is or why it's in caps as if it's some proper noun nor do I know what you speak of. Had you left your statement at "All one needs to do is read the United States Constitution and it's first Ten Amendments" I'd of at least put a link to your website here, but sorry, the US government has enough laws to keep me down, I don't need, or want, your religious morals and "commandments" keeping me down too.

I have no problem with organized religions or my elected representatives believing in and practicing a religion, but I'd like an elected representative who will make decisions, according to the Constitution, in the best interests of We the People, even if the interests of We the People are somehow against the morals of your church.

Gambling, pornography, gay marriage, abortion, death penalty - are all examples of issues that place one's religious morals and beliefs against their political responsibility to represent We the People according to the Constitution. Time after time, the Constitution Party and it's overly (self-proclaimed) religious candidates, sidestep the Constitution in favor of religion. Granting me freedom from unconstitutional legislation is desired, but not with the caveat that my freedom is impeded upon by your religious morals.

Peter is not in my district so no point in any Peter supporters trying to convince me to consider otherwise. If there is a Constitution Party candidate (or Libertarian party candidate, or any other Independant/3rd party candidates for that matter) here in the 6th, I don't know the names or anything else but I'll do all of the reading if someone wants to point me to such candidates and their websites.

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