Friday, August 29, 2008

Change? Maybe.

Now that the tickets are set, I'll have to spend some time learning more about these people and figure out which I should go push the button for in November, I'll share what I learn, if anything, along the way.

Our choices seem to be (in no particular order, but you can read into the order if you'd like to make assumptions):
Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)
John McCain/Sarah Palin (R)
Bob Barr/Wayne Root (L)
Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle (C)
Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez (I)
(Each name is linked to Wikipedia - a good starting point - but do your own research beyond the wiki, please).

At this point in time, from what I know, the one person who stands out at all is this Sarah Palin chick from Alaska.

I really don't care for McCain, at all - I'll post my reasons later if I have time but his age has a lot to do with that. McCain having chosen a 44 year old "new comer" as a VP *MIGHT* be enough to get me to vote for him - really a vote for Palin.

From what I can tell upon my quick 20 minute search and reading - she was very much the AverageNoOne just trying to make a difference and now here she is making a difference. I like her position on gun control, oil drilling (I know, I know "she's just a shill for BigOil, man!"), her husband is a commercial fisherman from what I read and it seems like her position on the Magnuson-Steven's Act would be good for NJ fisheries (I haven't read all of the details yet so I could be wrong). She hasn't served time in DC before which leads me to think she doesn't have previous connections to the beltway that will hinder her decision making. While I really really really don't want to place a vote for McCain - he MIGHT have won my vote with this pick, mostly because he's OLD and this woman could become the next president rather quickly. (plus just think, that porn site could return! ohh no the C party is going to come after me for suggesting this as a joke...blah)

As the days and weeks come, I'm sure that I'll learn more about Mrs. Palin and I'm sure I'll like somethings and not like some others. In the meantime, I'll try to come up with the reasons I like, and don't like, the other choices and we'll narrow this field down a bit.

I will offer these Random Thoughts for now
Obama is *LIKE* a newcomer (Score: + 1) but Obama's energy policy means I won't be driving that Corvette anytime soon (Score: -10) and health care and health insurance are two different things which should not be merged into some socialist program. Obama is also against the 1st and 2nd amendment which is a big hit on his score (search for Obama comments about Don Imus for 1st amendment and his position on gun ownership for 2nd amendment). I like my bill of rights, Obama blatantly violates at least the first two basic rights I have. (Score: -oo - not vote for you)

Biden has been in office longer than I've been alive (Score: -1) and represents a state friendly/home to failing banks (JP Morgan/Chase) - (Score: -oo - no vote for you!) I don't know much more about him, I'll learn.

McCain is old (Score: -1 and yes, I know "you agist - you complain about youth rights and then you discriminate on age" I know, it's great to have double standards) and McCain has also been in office longer than I've been alive (Score: -1 more) McCain also tries to pretend he's against the illegal immigration but said issue is a MAJOR problem in his home state. If McCain can't control the problem in his own state, why should I expect him to control the problem nation wide? (Score: -oo - no vote for you)

Sarah Palin - From first glance I think I like her. At least for now. From what I can tell she was outspoken about the failure and corruptions of her own party in her home state and has been well liked in her home state. (Score: +10)

Bob Barr is a confusing guy to learn about. I like some of what I read, dislike alot more, tough sell, needs more information.

Wayne Root is on a different page from Barr and wrecks any chances Barr might have had to get a few votes. In fact, Wayne Root is a dolt. *I* would be a better pick than Wayne Root for the Ls and I don't know anything about being president or vice president.

Baldwin is member of the C party - C for Church - not C for Constitution and is a "Reverend", enough said. His VP isn't worth a look. (Score: -oo - no vote for you!)

Nader seems to be a youth rights supporter (Score: +500!) but I didn't vote for him in past elections for one reason or another. Given the lack of great choice this year, I WILL be giving Nader another fair and honest look this year. I know nothing about his VP pick.

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