Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A fun update to a previous "Running For Congress" entry!

My original long entry noting the advertisements, spam and "junk" offers I received while campaigning can now be amended as I continue to receive solicitations for services from companies which seem to exist solely based on elections.... let freedom ring....

check out the voice mail....

Interesting, I suppose... electionmall.com .... I'm curious what "voter data" from Nick's voice mail includes since as you might recall from another previous entry, I was concerned about just how much information is available out there on voters, for a VERY small price to identity thieves and the like. I wonder if Nick's company provides the same info I was able to abtain or additional information?

For what it's worth, I also received this email (In fact I received it twice, I guess sending it once wasn't enough?), I assume from Nick, earlier today:

Dear James P. Hogan,

DonationPages.com provides a complete online fundraising solution for political campaigns that is Fast, Easy, Compliant, and Secure.

To empower your campaign and begin raising money online today, we have set up a FREE contribution page that can easily be added to your existing website in a matter of minutes.

To immediately begin raising money for your campaign, just Click Here to activate your account.

Everything you need is ready to go:-

. Branded and Customized Contribution Page.

. Built-In Legal Disclaimers, Eligibility Requirements and Contribution Limits.

. Real-Time Donor Data Available in Secure Web-Based Database.

. Auto-Responder Thank You Email.

. Ability for People to Purchase Tickets to Your Fundraising Events.

. 128 Security Encryption to Accept all Major Credit Cards.

. Set-Up Monthly Donor Program.

If you already have a fundraising page and are satisfied with the dollars you are raising click here to deactivate our demo, but first just take a quick look at the Sample Page we have created for you.

We know that raising money can be a time consuming process during your campaign, so why don't you Activate Your Page Right Now or give me a call at 1-888-WEB-2WIN or email us at nick@donationpages.com and I can show you how simple it is.

Best of luck on your campaign! We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

DonationPages Technical Team

P.S. Want to see all the different ways you can raise money with DonationPages?

Click here to read more.

In fact, as a bonus... I'll share this email from Nick with some username/password to the electionmall "donation page".... feel free to login as me, play around, break the site... If you want to be creative you can add events... come up with fun things "james hogan takes a bath" as an event could be worth a chuckle.... "james hogan stops being ugly" might be fun.... who knows...

Another interesting item... I wonder what happens if someone were to donate using that link? I mean, I'm no longer a candidate, I have have not collected any kind of funds/donations, I don't plan to now... say, am I headed off to jail for taking campaign contributions for a campaign that doesn't exist? and who is this "citizens for James Hogan" that gets a mention on the page?

Nick's email with the username/password follows:

Dear James P. Hogan

I just wanted to follow up and send this information one more time for your records. We would very much like to assist your campaign in rasing money online.

Your contribute page link is http://www.pleasecontribute.com/5822

Your donationpages login URL is

Choose your Access to Donationpages
username james@hoganforcongress.com
password hogan2008

Best Regards,
Nick Taxia
Online Fundraising Manager

"where every day is a campaign"
202-387-VOTE (8683)

P.S. Please DO NOT contribute... :) and just in case one of you plays with that site too much, I'll state for the record, I, James P. Hogan have NEVER logged in to that website so any changes, login attempts, etc are the actions of someone else.

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