Monday, August 18, 2008

How are Willie Randolph and Frank Pallone alike?

(Start off with a Teaser! I learned that trick this weekend... thanks Hank!)

I'm not a sports fan, the mere thought of grown men being paid millions of dollars to play little kid's games for the entertainment of (mostly) other grown men bugs me on some level that can not be described in words; maybe I'm just jealous that I have to sit in a fabric cube in front of a computer to earn a few bucks. Regardless, the local media coverage of "The Amazins" coming back from a <.500 season under "fan favorite" Willie Randolph got me thinking: what other "fan favorites" are miserable failures whose constituents would be best served with a good firing?

Let us review. On June 18th, those New York Mets were having a miserable 34 win and 35 loss season. As I said, I'm not a sports fan, but I know that a record like that is just not good. Fan favorite Willie Randolph was then fired and replaced with a virtual unknown in New York, Jerry Manuel - a former Chicago White Sox coach has a mediocre at best record. Now how are those Mets doing two months later?

Just fine! In fact, great. Under their new leadership, those Mets are currently pulling off a 68 win / 56 loss season, imagine if they had started out on a good foundation and weren't trying to rebound from a sub .500 start?

So what does this have to do with Frank Pallone? I thought it was kind of obvious, Pallone is - for some reason unknown to me - a seemingly well liked "fan favorite". The people of NJ's 6th district seem to vote him into office year after year with ever growing higher percentages and while his vote count continues to rise each year, we the people end up worse off each year.

Our Bayshore area residents are faced with the FEMA flood map situation, our economy is threatened by the closure of Fort Monmouth, our beaches are more polluted than ever. Combine these facts with the fact that New Jersey taxes are the highest in the nation and in fact, New Jersey receives the least back for it's tax money, then add in rising healthcare costs (while Frank Pallone is the chairman of the House Subcommitte on Health) and closures of our hospitals, not to mention the rising cost of oil/fuel which Pallone offers no hope for and Pallone's lack of action to clean up the river in his hometown and Pallone is certainly holding a losing record in my sports almanac.

I, for one, would call this year, and many prior years under Pallone's "leadership", losing seasons and although Pallone is a "Fan Favorite" and his challenger this November, Robert McLeod is quite the unknown, I have to think - if Mets fans are better off with the relatively unknown manager - maybe We the People would be better off with relatively unknown Bob McLeod?


ambrosiajr said...

So, it looks like you caved in to the GOP Mob's just one of the things you wrote about "Judge"McLeod on MMM...

"Mr. McLeod, a traffic court judge, who doesn't have a website
outlining any of his political positions two months before an
election, is clearly out of touch with the youth, the future, of
America Moreover, this traffic court judge clearly is unable to make
firm, sound decisions in his own court, and yet he believes that
somehow he can represent "we the people" and make sound decisions for
us in Washington DC? Please, save me the time and tell a friend about
this traffic court judge's history of wasting tax payer money and
making bad decisions"

And now you want to turn over what you yourself says are very serious issues concerning your district to this guy?

You sold out...too bad.

James Hogan said...

Sold out? I don't think so.

Pallone has been a terrible representative just as Randolph had been a terrible manager.

Likewise, Jerry Manuel was an awful coach in the past, but the nobody seems to be doing much better than the long time fan favorite ever did. The new guy, while being quite the failure in the past, is currently getting the job done.

As I said, Bob is still basically an unknown - I still haven't seen him knocking on my door or any other doors in my area, but then I'll have to take my chances on Bob because Frank is not the answer, he is the problem, and there doesn't seem to be another choice this November.

ambrosiajr said...

So, even though you think he wastes taxpayer money and makes bad decisions, you would vote for him. Nice. What does that say about your judgement?

Why replace someone you obviously don't like with someone you think is an idiot that makes bad decisions and will waste our tax dollars. What will happen when he really gets the chance to waste millions of tax dollars instead of the paltry hundreds he has wasted in the past.

James Hogan said...

What it says about my judgment is that rather than continue to be bent over the rail by Pallone, I'm willing to make a change, even if its not an easy change to make.

I suppose you must not be a sports fan either? I mean, I'm just guessing that you'd rather see the Mets finish dead last, again, rather than make a change and aim higher? It's not like the Mets ditched Randolph for the superstar Joe Torre, they ditched Randolph for a noone with a lousy record. Worst case for the Mets is they would have finished under .500 and found a new manager in a year.

I'll stand by my analogy any day of the week.

ambrosiajr said...

I'm a Yankee fan, so I really don't care what happens to the, Mets.

The Yanks are sucking wind this year.

haddjose7 said...

Funny how Rick doesn't defend Pallone's record. I would think the response would be to educate young Mr. Hogan on all the great things the incumbent Congressman has done. He didn't take that option because it wouldn't work.

He did throw Jim's words back in his face, part of the reason I didn't like those posts originally.

However, the point is that it is worth trying someone new than staying with someone who is not performing.

Let's say Judge McLeod defeats Frank Pallone in November. First and foremost, an entrenched and ineffective incumbent has been removed.

Now, let's say Congressman McLeod does an unimpressive job or even a horrible job in his two years in office. Would it not be easier to unseat a one-term Congressman who may not be effective than to unseat an entrenched incumbent like Frank Pallone with his huge warchest?

I'll take my chances on what might be a correctable mistake over signing up for more of the same from someone who is not representing me in Washington.


ambrosiajr said...

Actually, he's done quite a lot...its too numerous to list, but you can check out his work in Congress here....

My point was that Young Jimmy here blasts his primary opponent as being an idiot that has no business running and then its all love and kisses. I think for this district, its more the devil you know.

Also, he has no shot at winning

James Hogan said...

So let me get this right Ricky, Pallone has done nothing for me in 20 years. I disagree with much of McLeod's work in the past and a few of his positions but he has no public record of screwing me and is much closer to my positions on a few key issues than Pallone. Unless you know of a third choice this November, McLeod is BY FAR a better choice than Pallone. Keeping with my baseball analogy, you're a Yankees fan, so you'll cheer for those Yanks and my grandmother will cheer for those Mets. I take the 3rd choice which is to just not give a shit, unfortunately I don't get a 3rd choice in November.