Friday, August 1, 2008

Today in the rest of the world....

Just in case you missed my comment on MoreMonmouthMusings, William "Not Art Gallagher" Seward's blog, I figured I'd give a quick list of somethings that the rest of the world is doing today while we in the US cry about high gas prices, who used the "n-word", if we should drill offshore, why we shouldn't replace bridges that are about to collapse, etc....

US Corporate Giant GE will be collecting $500M USD to supply equipment to power the world’s largest single site aluminium processing complex near Abu Dhabi - the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Yeah for a US company, boo for the US not having the world's largest single site aluminum processing complex, whatever that is. Read the story.

Also over in UAE, Thorium Power, a French Corporate Giant that emerged from US invented technology, entered into two new five-year agreements to provide strategic advice for planning and implementation of nuclear energy in the UAE. Great, just what we in the US have been looking for, more nuclear power in the Middle East because we don't want that nuclear power here, no way! Read the story.

Which leads me to Iran, where there is a Weekend deadline for Iran in nuclear showdown. Well it's a good thing we're on top of those other nations getting nuclear power, eh? Hrm.

While we're on the subject nuclear power, lets move on over to India, where the U.S.-India Business Council gave a 'Thumbs Up' for India Safeguards. This following a December 2006 vote by the U.S. Congress providing overwhelming bipartisan support in favor of civilian nuclear cooperation with India. I suppose it's good to see the US government working to improve India and since the US government thinks nuclear power is good for India, in another 100-150 years or so, maybe, just maybe, the US will build another nuclear powerplant here, or at least vote on it.

Just a few items in the world news today for your reading pleasure... back to the daily grind, someone needs to pay their new, higher taxes to fund those aging roads, pay for the $4/gal gasoline, the transit tunnel to NYC, for saving the fish, for building the new schools.... because its the structure that prevents learning....

Ohh, I almost forgot... Pamela Anderson is building an eco-friendly hotel in Abu Dhabi ( more ) which is strange because I just posted a picture of Pam Anderson's boobies in a blog entry last week. Strange.

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