Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barr trying to pull an Obama?

Fox news is reporting that Bob Barr is trying to get both John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama kicked off of the ballot in TX. Barr alleges that the Republican and Democratic parties were late in filing their candidate's paperwork and should not be on the ballot.  

While I have to note that from the facts presented, Bob Barr is technically correct, and it would be fitting for Obama to get kicked off the ballot just as he was able to kick his opponents off the ballot to start his own political career, I must say that if McCain and Obama are left off of the ballot, it will be a disservice to the people of TX who do have a voice in the election and shouldn't be expected to write in a vote for McCain/Obama... then again, it would be interesting to see if the L or C party candidates can win an election without the Rs and Ds on the ballot.


ambrosiajr said...

The people of Texas should be barred from ever voting any election... since they gave us GWB. Its only fitting that they be punished for giving us the worst president in our history.

And anyway, they never vote Democratic.

James Hogan said...

You raise an interesting point.

*IF* the Democrats were playing it smart, they would absolutely fight tooth and nail TO BE LEFT OFF OF THE BALLOT along with the Republicans.

The Democrats could play the nice guys and say "you're right, this was our mistake and this party respects the laws of Texas and we agree that both Obama and McCain should be left off of the ballot." which paints them as the law abiding party.

As you (correctly) note, Texas wasn't likely to be 32 electoral votes for Obama anyhow, but for the Democrats, it's a potential 32 less electoral votes for McCain if McCain isn't on the ballot to begin with.

Now granted, I'll bet that McCain and Obama can get more write in votes than Bob Barr will get being on the ballot, but then it seems like a worthy risk for the Ds as they probably don't stand a chance of winning Texas anyhow.

Of course, I have to repeat, the people of Texas do have a right to vote and like it or not, the R or D choice is the choice of most people and it's in the best interests of the people of Texas to see the choice of McCain/Obama on the ballot.