Friday, September 12, 2008

Hogan concerned about politicking by US Congressman

From Newsday! Seriously!  Here is a cut.....

LONG BRANCH, N.J. - AverageNoOne James P. Hogan wants to know how far U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone can go in doing nothing for New Jersey while remaining in his current job. 

Hogan, an average no one from Long Branch, sent a letter Friday to U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone seeking clarification on what *if any* progress the sitting U.S. Congressman has made on the polluted Brankport Creek, Fort Monmouth, FEMA flood maps in the Bayshore, NJ property taxes, the cost of healthcare (despite the millions in donations made to Pallone by healthcare corporations), the proposed toll-hikes, the cost of gasoline, the cost of food, and the ongoing wars. 

"I am extremely troubled by a series of reports of political activity by our U.S. Congressman from New Jersey," Hogan wrote. "Mr. Pallone and/or his political lieutenants have traveled around the nation promoting his agenda since 1988. I find it wholly inappropriate that a sitting U.S. Congressman be allowed to so publicly use his office for Franking privileges alone without demonstrating any effectivness in twenty years." 

In his letter, Hogan highlighted Pallone's string of more than 100 political failures as U.S. Congressman. He also said Pallone's public appearances "appear to cross the line into self-promotion and abuse of the immense authority he wields as the district's chief federal representative." 

"If the U.S. Congressman is going around and talking about what he is doing as U.S. Congressman, failing to address the polluted Branchport Creek, discussing the cost of oil and his opposition to US production, I think it's perfectly fine, I would even encourage it," Hogan said. "That's different from political activity." 

Go ahead Frank.... keep doing nothing in office other than running your mouth about a US Attorney that is actually doing his job. *IF* Mr. Pallone is correct and *IF* Mr. Christie is going around promoting a NJ Govenor's race, then maybe Mr. Pallone should instead be asking Mr. Christie how the US Attorney is managing to do *TWO* jobs very effectively - prosecuting Pallone's corrupt friends AND promoting his potential run for office.  Mr. Pallone can't even do his one job as US Congressman well and then there is Christie getting two jobs done, prosecuting corrupt politicians AND running for office, go figure.

Frank Pallone is a do-nothing. I am a no-one. The only difference is that Pallone gets to use my money to send me letters in the mail telling me about the things Pallone will do for me in the future. Too bad there is nothing he can say he has already done for me.


Anonymous said...

Did this really appear in a newspaper or is this one of those things you learned from Steve Lonegan?


James Hogan said...

I *MIGHT* have made this up by copying/pasting and then finding/replacing a few keywords words. :)

Unfortunately, I had to skip Steve's last "how to blog" seminar to do work, maybe I would have learned how to blog MoreGooder.