Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin Panics Pandering Pallone

In a recent message published by Congressman Frank Pallone, the congressman from New Jersey's 6th Congressional District, he took aim at Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, citing both her personal family matters, which he then claims "do not matter to me" (then why mention it?) as well as her association with the Alaskan Independence Party, which advocates secession of Alaska from the Union.  The State of Alaska has only been part of the Union for a short fifty years and many believe the Union has been detrimental to the people of Alaska.  Alaska has nearly 20 times the land area of the United Arab Emirates (Alaska: 656,424 sq mi vs UAE: 32,278 sq mi ) and far more natural resources (Estimated Alaskan recoverable oil reserves are 13 billion barrels in Prudhoe Bay, in addition to about 10 billion more barrels in area 1002, these two areas represent a very small portion of Alaskan terratory vs proven recoverable oil reserves in all of the UAE are currently put at 98.2 billion barrels) but Alaska has no where near the wealth of the UAE (Alaska: $39.9 billion in 2005 vs UAE: $130 billion in 2005 ) because of US regulations which prevent the Alaskan people from benefiting from their own work.

What the congressman also fails to note in his attack is that Sarah Palin has been involved in politics for just a few short years, only about twelve years, but she has a proven and effective record of cutting taxes, attacking corrupt politicians including those in her own party, and fighting to represent the average Alaskan rather than the lobbyists who own most politicians.  This is in contrast to Mr. Pallone who has built the largest campaign war chest in Congress, over $3 million, on the backs of corporate lobbyists.

Mr. Pallone has spent twenty years in Congress and year after year, Mr. Pallone tells We the People what he will do for us in his next term. Unfortunately, Mr. Pallone has failed to come through on his promises year after year and his track record is abysmal. Mr. Pallone consistently blames the Republican president for all of the problems we have today and why nothing has been done, but he fails to note that while we had a Democrat, Mr. Clinton, in the oval office for eight years, Mr Pallone was equally ineffective. While we had a Democratic Congress for the past two years, he was also ineffective. On his watch, New Jersey has all but lost Fort Monmouth; Our beaches and rivers are more polluted than ever, including recent beach closings and pollution scares Labor Day weekend; Oil is more expensive than ever and the cost of all other products, including food, is also at record highs; Our Bayshore area residents are being hit with additional FEMA flood insurance requirements and our preserved "open space" is being threatened with development from the Democrats in Trenton through COAH requirements.  The best that our congressman can tell us is that he has voted against the Republicans, he can't tell us what he has done, because he has done nothing.  Sadly, voting for or voting against some piece of legislation is far from getting the job done and if the congressman spent as much time lobbying for the people of New Jersey as he does lobbying for donations from the healthcare industry, the same industry that offers insurance that is unaffordable for the average American, perhaps We the People would be better off.

On the other hand, Mrs. Palin has not just voted to get the job done; she has acted to get the job done. Mrs. Palin has accomplished more in her short political career, rising through the ranks by representing the people above the party, than Mr. Pallone has accomplished in his long twenty year career of walking the party line. The possibility that a fresh face like Sarah Palin may go to D.C. and accomplish more than the twenty year congressman, Frank Pallone, or the thirty year Senator, Joe Biden, have accomplished, would not only prove that these career politicians are ineffective, but prove that We the People, PTA moms and high school basketball coaches, real members of the middle-class, can indeed be elected to office and can indeed make a difference in the world. Mrs. Palin can not only get the job done, she has proven that she can get the job done without costing the tax-payers money.

For every working class, average American who has ever said "We need one of us in office!", I can only note that Sarah Palin is as close to "one of us" as we have ever seen on the national level. Sarah Palin is a working-class Mom, an Average We the People, and whether you agree with her policies or not, you can be sure that her policies are formed with the best intentions for We the People, not the best intentions for the corporate lobbyists that politicians like Mr. Pallone or Mr. Biden have represented for decades.  The party system has failed average middle-class Americans. Mrs. Palin is the candidate who presents a significant "Change" to the status-quo, and if she is placed a heart-beat away from the presidency, then We the People will be placed a heart-beat away from taking the power away from career politicians and restoring the power back to the We the People of America.

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