Monday, October 20, 2008

APP: Pallone Not Qualified to Replace Pallone

The worst newspaper in the world today published their endorsement for An 11th term for Pallone noting that "Neither [McLeod or Tarbous] is qualified to replace Pallone". The worst paper ever also makes the claim that Pallone "has been a staunch supporter of measures to protect the environment, provide affordable health care and preserve the Shore's valuable tourism industry" as well as noting Pallone's "personal mandate that there be 'no industrial use of the ocean'" and his "opposition to the Base Realignment and Closure process at Fort Monmouth". Perhaps the APP only gets it's news from the APP?

First, let us have a look at the environment that Mr. Pallone is so great at protecting. Drinking water is unsafe. If that's not bad enough, it is unsafe to eat fish from, swim in or drink from most NJ rivers. I'd say the environment isn't doing so well. And how about those oceans that Mr. Pallone is so dedicated to protecting?  Well beach closures were up 70% last year. I don't need to remind readers of this blog that Branchport Creek in Long Branch, home to Pallone's campaign headquarters, is still polluted. So tell me Mr. APP reporter, what is so great about Pallone's environmental record because the facts and mother nature don't seem to be agreeing with your assessment.

Let us move on to "protecting the shore's tourism industry". Mr. Pallone (along with the APP) have been fighting against the use of eminent domain in Long Branch (a fight they lost - at least until the economy turned around). Perhaps Mr. Pallone isn't aware that the redevelopment in Long Branch, which wouldn't have been possible without the use of eminent domain laws, has made Long Branch NJ a new premier hot-spot on the Jersey Shore? Pallone and the APP lost, tourism for NJ won, so again I ask, what has Pallone done for tourism in this state? Nothing. He has fought against tourism.

Further, Pallone mandates "no industrial use of the ocean". Did Mr. Pallone not notice the $4/gallon price tag at the pump this summer? I'm still paying $3/gallon so while things aren't as bad today, they certainly aren't acceptable. In fact, the price drop only seems to have come after the ban on offshore drilling was allowed to expire. Again, despite even the chance to drill offshore having such a significant impact on the price of oil, Pallone continues to fight against the consumers and tax payers who shoulder the burden of higher priced oil. Pallone and the APP were once again united on the wrong side of the battle, and lost.

Finally, the APP cites Pallone's "opposition to the Base Realignment and Closure process at Fort Monmouth" which oddly enough is another lost battle for this team of do-nothings. Ft. Monmouth is closing, Maryland is getting the jobs and federal dollars and NJ tax payers are getting a billion dollar bill to redevelop Ft. Monmouth based on a re-use plan that the locals aren't happy with. Admittedly, Oceanport isn't in Pallone's district, nor is the fort itself, however it does employ thousands of people from within the district and indirectly provide jobs to thousands more. 

So it would seem to me that if the APP is looking for someone who cares about the environment, cares about the oceans, cares about NJ toursim, and cares about Ft. Monmouth, they have endorsed the wrong guy. Pallone does not care about the taxpayers of New Jersey. He isn't getting the job done and NJ voters should review the Project Vote Smart responses from both Mr. McLeod and Mr. Tarbous as both of these men are far more concerned about the state of New Jersey and the state of the Union in general than Mr. Pallone. More importantly,  it has become increasingly evident year after year that Pallone is not effective in getting the job done. Pallone is not respected by his counterparts in DC. Pallone is not respected by his counterparts in Trenton. And Pallone is not respected by his constituents in the sixth district. Pallone speaks and no-one listens, other than the APP reporters who wants We the People to believe that despite losing every battle he has ever faced, Pallone is somehow getting the job done. There is good reason that the APP is the worst newspaper in the world, and their endorsement for the worst congressman in the world is telling.

I suppose it could be worse though... New Jersey tax payers could be getting the lowest return on that tax dollar than any other state, year after year... ohh.... that's right.... cut some taxes Frank.

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Herb Tarbous said...

Hi James,

Actually, the Asbury Park Press is not qualifed to replace the Asbury Press.

I guess the only premise they could use to endorse Pallone is that neither challenger (Bob McLeod or I) is qualified to replace Pallone. EXACTLY, I do not want to replace Frank Pallone, I want to be a representative of the people.

They also ran a story with a headline about the candidates debating off-shore drilling and then did not include my opinion. I guess they didn't like my position that both Pallone (drill never) and McLeod (drill now) held positions which are irresponsible. I feel we should keep the option on the table while continuing to work to avoid needing to actually drill for the oil. Pallone and McLeod hold positions which are irresponsible in that they are extreme and polarizing.

Keep up the great work.

Herb Tarbous