Friday, October 10, 2008

A note while we go through this "economic crisis" with Christmas approaching...

While we Americans are apparently unemployed and unable to afford our own homes (if you listen to the talking heads on the TV),  I'd like to remind my readers that China made toys are still a serious problem as noted recently here and here and as you shop this coming holiday season, please check the origin of products that you may purchase as there is a systemic problem with China made products that has gone unresolved for several years.

Further, following the latest China milk problem, I'd also urge my readers to ensure that food products you purchase for your family, including your pets, are also not made in China.

Oddly enough, some people might argue that buying American made products would help put Americans back to work, imagine that.... other mights claim things like "free trade" or "free markets", fair enough, I'll claim "free from lead" or "free from melamine" is more important.

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