Friday, October 17, 2008

A Year Later: Pallone Just Can't Get the Job Done

It's relatively easy to blast Mr. Pallone for all of the things he has not done in his twenty year career. We could blast Frank for failing to address the illegal immigration problem in our nation, particularly in New Jersey, even in his own home town of Long Branch. We could blast Frank for failing to address our monetary policy and supporting multiple tax payer bailouts of large corporations. We could blast Frank on his position on offshore-drilling, offshore wind farms and other alternative energy plans that would have helped avoid the $4/gal gasoline we were buying all summer long. 

Today, however, let us consider something Frank HAS done. On November 19, 2007, Frank Pallone Jr. URGES NJ SPORTS & EXPOSITION AUTHORITY TO MEET WITH ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS ON MONMOUTH PARK CLEANUP PLANS. Today is October 17th, 2008 and while some meetings have taken place and a dog and pony show has gone on for another summer on the Jersey Shore, the Congressman's letter has gone largely ignored.
Recently, NJSEA sought proposals for solutions to the pollution problem and the costs. Under a Request for Proposals (RFP) engineering companies were to design and provide cost estimates of potential solutions to the problem.  Pallone would like environmental groups and concerned citizens to have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the problem and potential solutions. 
We the citizens voiced our opinions, because we were asked to voice our opinions and we offered many potential solutions. Without a Congressman who cares about We the People, and without a Congressman who is respected by his counterparts at the state and federal level, our opinions and solutions have fallen on deaf ears and another profitable summer for Monmouth Park has come and gone at the expense of a polluted river.

Are those lovable dolphins doomed now that Pallone has stepped in? Probably. The Branchport Creek feeds into the Shrewsbury River, maybe it's Monmouth Park's fault that two of those dolphins Frank cares so much about are dead?
Pallone is concerned that as the water gets colder and food grows scarce, the dolphins will be endangered.  The water temperature in the rivers has already fallen to 65 degrees, only seven degrees higher than conditions that become dangerous for dolphins.  
What about us wacky ol' humans Frank? (the ones who have to vote in a few weeks and whose tax money you give away to the same banks that charge us 25% interest on credit cards, in addition to late fees and then give each other multi-million dollar bonuses) Are you concerned that as the water becomes more polluted, the humans will be endangered? The fecal coliform level has already risen to the thousands, higher than the conditions that are safe for any living organism.Where is Mr. Environment to save the day? Is he in Javakhk? Armenia? India? Or is he busy with more important issues like watching Fort Monmouth close? Or providing federal dollars to replenish the beaches in Long Branch, which has already charge to access mother nature and is raking in plenty of money doing so?

Of course, I'm sure Frank will pretend that his recent Used Car Salesman pitch in Oceanport shows how much he cares. To borrow a term Art Gallagher has been using a lot lately, HOGWASH. It was September 4, 2008 when Pallone slams racetrack for creek pollution and there has been no action since. The fine is still unpaid. The river is still polluted. Citizens are still in danger (as per the signs). No one in Trenton respects Frank and no one in Trenton is going to make an effort to resolve the problem because Frank told them so. Worse yet, no one in Washington respects Frank and no one in Washington is going to help us citizens resolve this problem.

You have two other choices for US Congress in NJ-D6 this November: Robert McLeod and Herbert Tarbous. Have a look at their Project Vote Smart responses and decide which is better, certainly the best choice is NOT Frank Pallone.

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