Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lisa Jackson for EPA is Change?

The Star-Ledger is reporting that NJ's own Lisa Jackson might be getting the call from Team Obama to head up the EPA.  

Didn't the rest of the county learn not to chose an EPA Administrator from NJ after Bush picked Christine Todd Whitman to head up the EPA?  Let me make it clear, Obama is no different from Bush and is following in Bush's footsteps by choosing an EPA administrator from NJ.

So what's *MY* beef with Mrs. Jackson.... here and here.  Mrs. Jackson doesn't even have the ability to take on a horse racing track over a polluted creek, and she's going to solve the nation's pollutions problems? Doubtful.

Lisa Jackson is not qualified to head up the NJ DEP and she is certainly not qualified to head up the EPA. Surely Obama can do a little better than Bush and pick an EPA administrator NOT from NJ right?

Do the right think Barack, look elsewhere for an EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson is NOT the solution, she is the problem.

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