Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Excuses now Frank

Now that Mr. Pallone has won, again, and Democrats have taken control of the White House and both houses of Congress, it is time for Mr. Pallone to come through on his promises and for the APP to hold him accountable for coming through on those promises.

1) Keep Fort Monmouth open.
  - Mr. Pallone and the worst newspaper in the world want us to believe that Frank cares about keeping Ft. Monmouth open. With Ds in control of Washington, Frank should be able to get this done. Let's see it Frank.

2) Clean up the beaches, promote tourism.
  - Mr. Pallone claims to be Mr. Environment and Pro-tourism, so lets get those beaches clean. Clean beaches might attract more visitors. While you're at it, you might want to make sure that beaches are accessible. You might also consider making sure that Sandy Hook, a national park, can provide enough parking and beach space for tourists. Would hate to see traffic stuck on that fancy new bridge for hours because the park is closed while those old buildings fall into the bay. 

3) Do away with those FEMA flood maps in the bayshore. Surely providing for long term flood protection is a better plan. You told us you would fight to oppose the FEMA rezoning, let's see it.

4) Be proactive on healthcare, food and drug safety. Stop the flood of lead and other toxic goods from China. Mr. Pallone wants me to believe and the APP endorsed him because he cares about healthcare "for the children" - a good start might be taking those Made in China toys out of the kid's mouths, or maybe not feeding them milk/dairy products from China. It might also lead to some jobs here in the US making toys, bonus. 

5) Clean up Branchport Creek, ya know, it is IS in your backyard.

Good luck with all of that Frank... if you can get even one of these things done, I might be impressed. 

As for the APP, I expect you to write a nice big story in 2 years noting that Frank got NOTHING done that he said he would get done AND more important, noting that he failed to come through on anything you endorsed him for.

Frank has done nothing for the past 20 years, and nothing is going to change now. Unfortunately for Frank, he won't be able to blame Republicans for his failures this time around.

P.S. How's Hillary, Frank? Or those dolphins? Weren't you trying to help them out? How is that all working out these days? People in Armenia good? What about the people in India? If you have time, you might want to see if the people in New Jersey are doing well, if you're not busy helping the people in some foreign country.


Eric Sedler said...

so are you announcing your run for 2010 yet?

James Hogan said...

I'll wait for a rainy day... ohhh... hrm. :)

Honest Abe said...

Frank Pallone is a do-nothing back bencher. he sits back and does precisely what the Demo leadership tells him to do. I wonder if he's talked to Cindy Sheehan lately?