Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rebuilding the [Republican] Party... yawn

Seems Rebuilding the Republican Party is what some people are trying to do, sort of. seems to have shown up recently claiming to have intentions to rebuild the Republican Party, and more importantly, asking We the People for ideas. I'll check out the site in more detail later tonight, maybe even provide and idea or two of my own, but from my quick observations, this is just some random group of fellow Average No Ones running this site and probably not the Double Secret(TM) folks at the top, or any of the currently elected Rs.

In either case, as of now, the top two ideas are Reach out to Ron Paul and the Campaign for Freedom (I believe it is actually called the Campaign for Liberty) and Make room for libertarians.   The first idea sounds good to me as I was(am) a Ron Paul supporter during the Primary. Many of his principles and ideas carry great merit, some of them go a bit far for me, but in any case, he is certainly a real "small government" guy, in some cases some might argue "too small" (if there is such a thing). As for making room for the libertarians, I'm not sure anyone in the Republican party has to step aside to "make room" for anyone. The R party is shrinking fast compared to the D party and the L party barely registers in any elections - perhaps the L party should just admit that they are Rs after all. The C party might just as well go start a religious cult of their own, if they have not done so already.

Regardless, A, B, C, D... Z party, all the same to me; In my lifetime, I don't recall a single tax being lowered or going away under the direction of any party. I don't recall a single "fee" (ie, driver's license, auto registration, firearms permit,, building permit, dog license, etc) being reduced. In fact, I haven't even seen *ONE* of our elected officials ask why the Hudson Rail Tunnel project somehow got $1 BILLION more expensive overnight. Maybe it is because I'm one of the little people, but $1 BILLION sounds like a hell of a lot of cash, it is also a 13% increase in cost. Why? How? What union, developer, property owner, etc is able to justify such a cost increase and where is the Al Sharpton like outrage? How many years have we been paying for "environmental studies" and what was the cost of that? Did we save a dolphin, or an earthworm, to make it worthwhile at least?

In my opinion, the best way for the Republicans to earn the credibility it desires and build a Republican "brand" that has meaning, would be for our local and state level Republicans to step up with executing some real conservative principles. Let's see an R run town come through with actually eliminating some taxes, eliminating some fees and most important, eliminating some government services. Eliminate the English as a Second Language classes. Eliminate the letters in duplicate in a non-English language (I get *3* letters home from Long Branch schools, one in English, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese!) . Eliminate the number of police officers running radar at 2am (In Eatontown, any given time/day, I can find no less than 3 officers running radar on a 2 mile stretch of 36!). Eliminate the "every excuse for a PAID holiday" positions (the rest of us found time to vote last Tuesday and the rest of us found time to thank a veteran yesterday). Eliminate the fee to own a firearm (it's "only" $2, or $5, or $20, or $60.25 or the combination of said sums) - the Rs want to claim they support 2nd Amendment rights - defend that right and eliminate the fee. The Rs like to claim that I have private property rights, but yet I need a building permit to erect a shed on my own property. Eliminate all of the non-sense administrators of the schools, including all of the superintendents of the schools, parents with a vested interest in both the school, and the cost, would surely volunteer, for free, to fill the void that wouldn't exist.  If there is one thing that Rs can learn from Ds, it is that the people may bitch and moan, but we'll deal - ie, the Ds will raise the cost of the tolls, even if we say no. The Ds will invest in Stem Cell Research even if we vote no. And the sad truth is that come next year, despite doing things that We the People have said "No" to, Corzine and the Ds will continue to win elections here in NJ, because at least they stick to the "tax and spend" platform that they run on, unlike the Rs who run on the "cut and eliminate" platform that never comes through.

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