Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breaking News! Tree Branch down on McClellan St in Long Branch!

Last time I "live blogged" a non-event, I saw traffic increase 130% so I'll try again!

There is a HUGE tree branch down in front of my house on McClellan St here in Long Branch. I called the Long Branch PD non-emergency number to report the down branch and a member of the LB West End Fire Department was in front of my house within minutes. These guys are good.

The branch knocked down what appears to be a phone line (probably to my neighbor's house as my lines are all working) and is leaning against the power lines. GPU is on their way.

Edit 11:42PM: West End Engine Co just left to respond to another emergency. I'll guard the 'hood from falling power lines and tree branches until GPU arrives. FYI - the tree that the branch fell from is on my neighbor's property and looked to be a healthy tree. My puppy chases squirrels up this tree every day.

Edit 11:49PM: GPU has arrived to save us from this disaster. Probably a boring task after Tuesday's drama. Quick response time from the PD/FD/GPU. I'm impressed. I suppose these are the things we pay high property taxes for?

Edit 12:01AM: The GPU Man has removed the branch from the wires! From the bucket truck, he carefully maneuvered the branch free of the wires and dropped it across my driveway, splittering the tree branch to pieces. He is currently inspecting the wires.

Edit 12:13AM: The Man is still just playing with the wires.  I'd call a GPU spokesperson for a comment by they would probably say "we have real issues to deal with, stop bothering us." Also, NJT Trains are running on time despite the down branch in front of my house, *blocks* away from the tracks. :-)

Edit 12:18AM: The Police Man has left along with the GPU Man. Aside from a giant tree branch laying at the bottom of my driveway/on the sidewalk, no damage done. I'll get up early when there is some light and clean up the sidewalk so that it is safe for any pedestrians who travel to my street to see where this incident took place. Great work LBPD/LBFD/GPU  and thanks for keeping *MY* 'hood safe! I'm happy to say that during this crisis, no OMG ZOMBIES!!!, Ninjas or Pirates were spotted or needed to be eliminated although I remained vigilant and prepared at all times. Until next time, stay safe and Be Prepared.

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