Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Congress Should Question the GM False Advertising

While the CEO of GM is visiting Congress begging for *OUR* tax money, perhaps congress can ask the CEO of GM why his "GM Card" claims:

A GM reward card can turn everyday spending into everyday driving.
That's because purchases made with a GM reward card can help you earn toward the lease or purchase of a brand new GM vehicle. And with
over 50 eligible, new GM vehicles to choose from, you're sure to hit the road in the one that's right for you.

Yet when I view cars that are eligible for a "reward", there are *4*. Is it false advertising or just dishonest? 

If Congress makes the mistake of giving these liars our tax money, will card holders like me who have earned "rewards", based on GM's adverting and our spending, be given back to us at least? I sure would love to help GM out and go buy one of those brand new Corvette's that have been sitting out on the local dealer's lot for a year now but since my earnings apparently can't be applied as GM claimed they could be, I'm SOL and so is GM. Idiots.

You can read GM's bogus claims on the GM Card website at: https://www.gmcard.com/GMCard/
I don't recommend getting this card as other banks/companies are at least slightly more honest with their marketing and offers.

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