Thursday, December 4, 2008

Democrats (and Republicans) should be opposing a bailout of the big 3, right?

Remember when gas prices were $4/gal all summer long, and we all complained, and the Democrats told us "too bad, we should be investing in alternative energy"? Well now is a good time for those Democrats to vote against bailing out GM, Ford and Chrysler since none of them have a real "alternative energy" vehicle on the dealer's lot, ready for mass public consumption.

First, these three companies, lead by Ford with the 150/Expedition, made HUGE gas guzzling vehicles that increased demand for oil. Sure, speculators and the oil company's actions didn't help, but automakers certainly could have done a better job making fuel efficient, safe vehicles that would have been burning less oil and costing us less. 

Then foreign companies like Toyota, who actually makes their cars in the US unlike most Ford/GM/Chryslers that are made in Mexico or Canada, decided to do things like get a hybrid Prius on the road, then that ugly hybrid Honda thing. Or did Honda beat Toyota to getting the Hybrid on the road, it's been a decade or more since the release to the public, I think GM might have released a hybrid Impala this year or last, but you wouldn't know about it since they don't advertise it.  Now, a few short years later, you can even find a full size Accord or a Camry as a hybrid. It was the foreign auto makers who then even went a step further and put their hybrid engines into some cheesy trucks as well.  Yay for them, giving We the People affordable, alternative fuel vehicles.

What did "the big 3" do? Well they just kept selling those monsters - added standard 28" spinners to the all new 8.0L Escalade and fattened up the already weighty SUVs with some more nice creature features, because you need 8" TVs on the back of every seat and a lazy boy too!  Of course, GM did promise us the Chevy Volt - that electric ca, but that's all they gave us was a promise, the car is still not available and the thing they are claiming will be released as the Volt is far off from what we were original shown. GM does have the Zero gas/Zero Emissions Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell, you just can't one, it's not available for sale - they just give them away to a few "test cases"... and then what GM?  In fact, I'm not sure that GM makes any cars available to the consumer that don't burn gasoline, they just claim their E85 cars are "alternative energy".   Yeah right.

If Democrats want to stay true to their word and promote "alternative energy" and insist on giving away my tax money - how about at least putting some money into a company like Tesla Motors. They make a 100% electric car, available to consumer (at a rather high price). I'm sure a few BILLION into the Tesla corporation could help bring that cost down.  I'm sure the other electric car manufactures could make good use of a few BILLION as well. Then of course, there could be a few BILLION available for things like real, coordinated public transportation systems - maybe we could get rid of the old Diesel trains that NJT is still operating in some parts - maybe get one of those super high speed 220MPH trains like they have in Europe and Asia between some of our big cities (DC to NY to Boston at 220mph anyone?). Giving away my tax money to the corporations who just making big, ugly, gas guzzling piles or crap that are made in other countries isn't going to help anyone and it isn't going to help the Democrat mantra of "save the environment" either.

Of course, we should all be opposing the bailout on the grounds of free markets and yay for capitalism, but that argument doesn't seem to win over any second thoughts. 

So, in yet another challenge from an Average No One, I challenge the Democrats (and Republicans) to step up and vote against the bailout, if not just in the name of saving the environment and promoting alternative fuel vehicles.  No bailout, but MAYBE, if you insist, I'd be okay with some tax rebate given to consumers who buy one of those new 100% electric or 100% hydrogen or 100% solar GM/Ford/Chryslers that I know must be coming because they keep promising them...

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Hawk said...

Alright I like what you are doing, Pointing out some good things. I send my encouragements. "The bigger they are the harder they fall." -Someone. But the big 3 also have had continuos influence on promoting business.
Their not really for the US, their multi-national lets not forget, (in it for the money)