Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Gifted" is the Next Discriminatory Word?

According to a Washington Post story, Montgomery [Schools are] Erasing Gifted Label. The article suggests that the "gifted" program is to be cut because "Montgomery education leaders have decided that the practice is arbitrary and unfair". Further, the article makes the claim that "White and Asian American students are twice as likely as blacks and Hispanics to be identified as gifted." The article even goes on to say "The gifted label is a hot potato in public education. A school that tells some students they have gifts risks dashing the academic dreams of everyone else." And the article concludes with "Teachers and principals say the gifted label has become obsolete".

Talk about political correctness gone wrong!

I'll go out on a limb here and offer this comparison...
Basketball teams should stop having an "All-Star" game because *I* have decided that the practice of choosing "All-Stars" is arbitrary and unfair.

Further, the label "All-Star" should be dropped because blacks and Hispanics tend to be identified as All-Stars twice as often as Whites or Asians.

And while I'm at it, the term "All-Star" should be dropped because it's the team telling some players that have athletic ability dashing the NBA dreams of everyone else.

James P. Hogan says the term "All-Star" has become obsolete.

This is ludicrous. How the hell did we, as a society, get here? Where are the parents with brains shouting about the idiocy that governs our school system? Where are the teachers or administrators with some balls who should be standing up and exclaiming that indeed, some students are smarter and more able and willing to learn than others.

Of course, then you come across dopey parents like this one who complain that their kid should be gifted and isn't because sometimes the kid can't pass the entrance exam but otherwise is smart. Again, let me compare with my sports example...

My kid didn't make the "All-Star" team because during real games he's constantly turning the ball over, missing shots and fouling the other team... but he shows up to every practice where he makes every half court 3 point shot, steals the ball from every other kid, never double dribbles and even runs eight times faster than the other players! He's an "All-Star" because when it doesn't count, his skills shine.

It's a sad state of affairs we are in here in the Good Ol' USA. Our education system is failing and the "gifted" programs that would propel a few students into the upper echelon of education are in danger of being scrapped in the name of equality, "for the children" of course.

Should Harvard have the same requirements as Brookdale? Should the label "Ivy League" be dropped because students at other universities will feel inferior? This is unacceptable, and every parent should be outraged that there are elected officials who would end programs that advance the students who are willing and prepared to learn at an accelerated pace so that the "feelings" of some other students, or more likely their parents, aren't hurt. Too bad; and as the kids say "Man up".

Doomed. We're f-ing doomed.

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Doomed--- you are soooo right about that.