Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's *ONLY* $85 Million

Rising tensions in the Middle East, or at least in Israel, have "The US" (I guess that means the whole thing, all of us in unison as one) giving $85 Million to Palestinians. Not that I was or am for a bailout of the banks, or the auto industry, but then I'd much rather have seen an extra $85 Million go there instead of to a nation of Palestinian people who celebrated in the streets on 9/11. (videos)

And please, don't take this blog entry to mean that I would give a dime to Israel either; it is US Taxpayer money and it belongs to the US taxpayers, not to any foreign country.  If the UN wants to run a few TV ads orhost a Telethon to raise a few bills for their cause, I'm sure Rupert Murdoch would be happy to sell them some airtime on one of his awful stations.

For now, please consider how $85 million might:

1) Get that new railroad tunnel from NJ to NY built under the Hudson

2) Get those Parkway & Turnpike tolls back to $0.25

3) Get that sales tax back to 6% from 7%

4) Pay to cleanup the Branchport Creek that Monmouth Park continues to pollute

5) Pay to provide flood protection in the Bayshore area rendering FEMA's new flood maps obsolete and saving home owners MILLIONS in insurance costs

6) Help those poor dolphins (... find their way to a fishery near you! Whatever, stupid mammals)

And these are just a few thoughts off of the top of my head.

At a time when unemployment rates are so high and NJ's unemployment fund is approaching broke I'd have to think that "The US" (yes, all of it) has it's own problems and isn't in a position to hand money out, nor are We the People in a position to have our money handed out either by the Federal or State governments.  

And where is Frank Pallone writing a letter opposing this aid? I mean, surely Palestine is at least as much a "failed state" as Pakistan is, right? Here is a chance for Pallone to get something right - lets watch him fail, again.


Anonymous said...

The new railroad tunnel will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 billion. New Jersey's contribution is $1.25 billion.

And the toll hikes on the Parkway and Turnpike were used to raise an additional $9 billion.

An extra $85 million would look pretty good in my bank account, but it wouldn't go very far toward paying for these very expensive public projects.

James Hogan said...

Very true.

However, the Lincoln Tunnel was built once for about $80 million many many years ago. With a few advancements in technology that one might think lowers the costs/time and then adjusting for inflation and even adding a few magic tricks, I still can't comprehend just how a tunnel, not much different than the original Lincoln Tunnel, somehow costs 125 times as much.

...For that matter, I can't figure out why/how we're still paying $8.00 each to drive through the tunnel all of these years later.

Anonymous said...

First of all Frank Pallone is a complete ass crack! If I had a dollar for everytime he sucked ass I could pay for the tunnel myself.
Long Branch/ Keansburg/ Hazlet etc, all of these towns need a change from Pallone because its obvious he does jack! Bottome line is that no matter what "the people" say he will not act on it as the past has shown. Until the people of the towns recognize the lazieness of Pallone nothing will change. This is where you come in James. Best of luck in 2010! You have my vote! God is love! Good luck!