Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just a Reminder - .50 cals are still being targetted by the Dems

With the news of the conviction of these fellas in their Ft. Dix plot fresh in the news, I feel the need to remind everyone that NJ Dems are still trying to impede upon our most basic of Constitutional Rights by banning .50 cal weapons. I've blogged about this bill in the past and offered by $0.02 then, but as a reminder, this bill targets the wrong weapons and the wrong people. It is not the .50 weapon that is the problem, it is the criminals who are the problem. I still can't seem to find a case of a common criminal, or even a terrorist, using a .50 cal to commit a crime. In fact, if the "Betlway Sniper" terrorists from a few years back weren't using a .50 cal "sniper rifle" - they were using a cheap .223 and killed plenty of people and caused plenty of "terror". Again, it is NOT the .50 cal that is the problem, it is the criminal mind and We the People should not allow the government to take away more of our right in the name of "safety" when the legislation isn't going to make us any safer.

So, with Christmas just two days away, I'll let everyone know that a .50 cal Desert Eagle or a S&W 500 are highup on my Christmas Wish List.  If anyone wants to give me one as a gift for Christmas, please shoot (no pun intended) me an email and we can figure out the paperwork.

Also, as a note to parents out there who might have bought a paintball gun for their offspring this season, they fire a  > .50 cal projectile and seem to be covered by this bill. Kind of silly don't you think?

Less government, more gooder. This weapons ban might seem harmless, or even "good" depending on your philosophy, but it will just lead to an even bigger, more expensive government. Bigger, more expensive jails for people who just want to exercise their rights. A bigger black market for guns. And worst of all, as I've said, the criminals aren't the ones buying and firing .50 cal weapons anyhow.

P.S. - I'm serious - if anyone happens to have a Desert Eagle or a S&W 500 they want to donate to me or sell me cheap as a Christmas gift, please do email me.... 

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Eric Sedler said...

They may have more trouble with the gun regulations than they usually do.

A bill was up in the State Senate that would have limited gun purchases to one a month and it got taken off the list right before a vote.

The South Jersey Dems seem to be enough of a force to stop these bills for now..