Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lisa Jackson Should NOT Run the EPA!

Remember when I questioned Lisa Jackson for EPA and said she wasn't qualified? Well, if not, then via link from Alyssa Passeggio's blog here is Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility's reasons why Lisa Jackson for EPA is a bad move.

To highlight their reasons:
  • Cases in which public health was endangered due to DEP malfeasance, including one case involving a day-care center in a former thermometer factory in which DEP failed to warn parents or workers for months about mercury contamination;
  • Rising levels of water pollution, contamination of drinking water supplies and poisoning of wildlife with no cogent state response; and
  • The state hazardous waste clean-up program under Ms. Jackson was so mismanaged that the Bush EPA had to step in and assume control of several Superfund sites.
  • nvoking “executive privilege” to block a request filed by PEER under the state Open Public Records Act for a copy of her schedule and sign-in logs;
  • Pushing to privatize pollution control through outsourcing of toxic clean-ups to industry;
  • Abolishing the DEP Division of Science & Research after it produced damning reports on continuing contamination following state-supervised clean-ups.
  • DEP failed to meet its first major statutory milestone in implementing the emission reduction goals of the highly touted Global Warming Response Act. A June 30th legal deadline for producing a plan identifying the legislative and regulatory “measures necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” still has not been met. At the same time, Ms. Jackson supported and Gov. Jon Corzine signed “The Permit Extension Act” which exempts thousands of projects from any new energy conservation, efficiency or requirements for solar heating or renewable energy;
  • New Jersey missed the historic first auction of greenhouse gas pollution allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, this September because DEP was unable to adopt regulations to implement the pollution trading program that underpinned the auction; and
  • Jackson proposed a cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that will do little to combat global warming because it sets emissions caps above current levels and contains numerous complex offsets and loopholes that undercut its effectiveness.
If I may borrow a line from OutKask "I'm sorry Ms. Jackson....OOOH...I am for real". 

You're of course encouraged to have a look at the Water Pollution from Monmouth Park which Lisa Jackson has ignored for the past several years or have a look at Oceanport Meeting Minutes from 2006 to see just how long Lisa Jackson has been failing at her job. And of course, Frank "Mr. Environment" Pallone made his speech in Oceanport over the summer but since then Mr. Frank Pallone has been no where to be found on the issue either. So much for him caring about the environment. 

True story, in a day dream I had once, I asked Frank Pallone, "Do you have any intentions of addressing pollution in the Branchport Creek due to Monmouth Park?"

In response, Frank Pallone said "I am a do-nothing politician. I don't care about the environment or the people, so why should I work for either".  

It's almost as if my day dream was based on real life!

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Son of Liberty said...

Maybe putting someone in that position who can not get anything done is a good thing. At least in this economy.