Friday, December 19, 2008

A Memorable Quote from Frank Pallone

Found this one from WAY back in the year 2006....

"We shouldn't be robbing Peter to pay Paul here, and that's essentially what's happening," said Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J. [source]

That was Frank's statement on a bill regarding spending for AIDS drugs and care that would have taken money from larger states and dumped that money into smaller (southern) states.

How is it that this same guy, this same Frank Pallone, who got it right on "robbing Peter to pay Paul" then went on to vote to support the $700B bailout of banks? Then Pallone went on to support another bailout, this time of the auto industry.

How is it that Frank just can't seem to get it right? Isn't he against "robbing Peter to pay Paul"? Isn't Frank voting to rob us tax payers to pay the banks and/or automakers now? 

Hey, I just realized something, for anyone left wondering... I'm James P. Hogan. My middle name is Paul, really it is - no BS. Now if only I could find a guy named Peter at a bank or auto maker and I'd be set!

In fairness, I will say, Frank Pallone sort of kind of got something right! True story. Frank seems to be looking to stop some foreign aid that the US is sending to Pakistan. I think Frank and I actually agree that sending foreign aid to Pakistan is a bad idea - problem is, I suspect that if Frank has his way, that $15 BILLION in question won't get paid back to tax payers - it'll just get sent to some other county, probably India, but maybe Javakhk, or Armenia

Foreign aid stinks. When I want to voluntarily send my money overseas, I'll look up some charity and send my money on over... or I'll just shop at Wal-Mart.

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