Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NJ 5:30 Blackout?

Should I go into survival mode? Anyone else experiencing a full blown backout in the central NJ area? Seems to be from Eatontown to Long Branch at least. We're on backup generators here.... My BOB is in the car and I'm prepared. Stay warm, or find me, I can make fire. Whooo magic. :-)

I'll hang out here with the generators for now.

Widespread power outage hits Monmouth, Ocean counties
by The Star-Ledger Continuous New Desk
Tuesday December 09, 2008, 5:59 PM

A power outage has knocked out power to almost all of Monmouth County, according to a spokesman for the utility company that serves the area.

Customers have also lost service in several Ocean County towns including Lakewood, Toms River and Barnegat, according to the website for Jersey Central Power & Light.

"Calls are coming in like crazy," said Peter Johner, a spokesman for the utility company.

So far the outage has affected thousands of customers and shut down traffic lights on major roads including Route 36, just in time for rush hour.

Johner said JCP&L is currently trying to determine the cause of the problem, but said the scope of the outage suggests the problem is with the transmission and not distribution.

Further details about the extent of the outage were not immediately available.

Hazlet police encouraged drivers who would normally take Route 36 to use local roads, and said additional officers have been dispatched to monitor traffic.
Now might be a good time to reflect on your dependance upon "the system" and the items you may or may not want to have around if/when SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) and/or TEOTWAWKI(The End of The World As We Know It) comes along. Some cold weather gear, a flashlight, some fire making tools, a hunting tool, a reliable multitool, a form of shelter and some food and water, at least enough for a few days, would be a worthy investment IMO.  I was a boy scout once, Be Prepared... Hope none of you said "ahh I'll fill the car with gas on the way home" and are now sitting at the gas station, freezing, while waiting for the power that operates the pumps to come back on... stay safe... and warm.

Edit 6:10PM: I'm really bored... but now I'm wondering DOES THE WORST NEWSPAPER EVER LACK A BACKUP POWER GENERATOR??? It's been at least 35 minutes since the blackout started and the APP website still has no news or information. I do hope they tell us tomorrow what the problems are today... 

Edit 6:13PM: Hey, just in case you're wondering...North Jersey Coast Line train #3270, the 5:38pm departure from Long Branch is operating 25 minutes late due to Overhead Electric Problem.  At least NJT is on top of the problems... maybe they should start a newspaper?

Edit 6:14PM: Rumor has it that in emergency situations, people panic and do things like talk to themselves... does posting my stupid blog count? I thought I was better than that. I'm think I'm just having fun. FYI - 6:15 now and still nothing from the APP.

Edit 6:31PM: Hrm, still lacking good information. FWIW - since I walk my dog late at night, one thing that I do very often is report street light outages in my area. I've probably reported over 30 lights out in the last few years but I don't keep track. I think it helps keep our streets a little safer for pedestrians and drivers alike and I urge all of my readers to take a few seconds to write down the pole# and report street light outages when you spot them. FirstEnergy has a simply online form to report outages and their customer service has always been GREAT and gets the lights fixed within 2-3 days of when I report the outage. Maybe I should report this outage?

Edit 6:36: The APP is full of it. They have a story up, finally, and the time claims to be 6:00. I assure you, it was NOT there at 6:00 and appeared between my 6:31 update and now. JCP&L is claiming 45 minutes... generator still has plenty of fuel, I'm not worried. I have lights...

Edit 6:44PM: Power is back on in Long Branch... that was exciting....


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this. I am in school in south jersey and cannot get in touch with my parents. I really have no other info on this as APP is down...please keep the updates coming! thanks again

Anonymous said...

Power is out in Wall Twp and all of Brielle. Oddly enough Manasquan is fine