Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stan Gendlin on GOPUSANJ - Will The Constitution No Longer Matter This Week?

Interesting read on Obama's eligibility for President and Clinton's eligibility for Sec. of State.


ambrosiajr said...

No longer matter this week? Hell, it hasn't mattered to the current administration for the last eight years! Why should it all of a sudden matter now? Please, these people are grabbing at any stupid straw that they can find. If they can't beat you by the power of the vote...or, in the case of republicans, by the power of the smear tactic, then they'll throw any frivolous piece of dung that they can find. Rembember Whitewater? $52MM and nothing ever came of it since nothing ever happened, yet the republican congress saw fit to waste our money and resources to go after Clinton since they couldn't beat him fair and square. The public didn't care about that, and they sure as hell can see this for what it is. Grabbing at straws.

James Hogan said...

All agreed Rick (seriously).

However... what makes it interesting is that if someone asks me "where were you born?" I go "Staten Island New York" and they say "prove it" so I whip out the paperwork and there it is, no questions asked.

IF it is going to take time from the Supreme Court - and Obama has a valid US birth certificate, why doesn't he just pull out the paperwork? Call "the guy" in Hawaii and have him send a copy to CNN || Fox || NY Times, etc.

It just seems so easy to resolve all questions and doubts is the only reason I find this interesting. When it came to questions of if Hillary was really under sniper fire, the press was there to determine the validity of the story, where is the press to determine the validity of this story?

All of the previous, and current, wastes of time and taxpayer money and/or ignoring the Constitution should not be an excuse to ignore the Constitution now.

IMO, the ONLY reason this is important is because IF Obama gets to serve, and then someone confirms that he was indeed born in Kenya, is it precedent to allow foreigners to openly run for president in the future?

As I said, seems easy enough to just put all questions and doubts to rest and I don't think it's unreasonable to ask the President-Elect to produce such a qualifying document.

ambrosiajr said...

This theory has been debunked numerous's a good article on the subject. As they point out, it would of had to been one of the greatest and far reaching conspiricies of our times.

ambrosiajr said...

As an FYI...the Supremes said no to the review. I guess they can see this as a load of crap also.