Friday, December 5, 2008

The Worst Newspaper Ever Stole my Blog Entry about Frank "Do-Nothing" Pallone!

Sort Of.

Remember a few weeks ago, I said "No Excuses now Frank"? Of course you don't,  why should you... anyhow. As a refresher, here was item #1:
Now that Mr. Pallone has won, again, and Democrats have taken control of the White House and both houses of Congress, it is time for Mr. Pallone to come through on his promises and for the APP to hold him accountable for coming through on those promises.

1) Keep Fort Monmouth open.
 - Mr. Pallone and the worst newspaper in the world want us to believe that Frank cares about keeping Ft. Monmouth open. With Ds in control of Washington, Frank should be able to get this done. Let's see it Frank.

Well, in this morning's obituariesworst newspaper ever I was excited to read the editorial Reload in fight to save fort  which basically points out what I said - Frank SHOULD be able to keep the fort open now if he actually cares about us little people here in Jersey. (He doesn't, but here's to wishful thinking anyhow).

Since the worst newspaper ever might not be around much longer (and might not make it another 2 years to call out Frank like I expect them to) below is a copy/paste of the editorial.

The Fort Monmouth redevelopment authority voted Wednesday to ask the Department of Defense to come up with funding for its share of the authority's $1.3 million 2009 budget.

We have a better idea: With a new Democratic president and a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, it should press Reps. Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, both D-N.J., to throw all their weight into freezing indefinitely the planned transfer of the fort's operations to Aberdeen, Md. Or better yet, getting the move reversed. Regardless of whether they are urged to do so by the authority, Pallone and Holt should launch a new offensive aimed at keeping the fort open. The national economic crisis gives them even stronger justification for blocking the transfer.

An Asbury Park Press investigation proved the decision to close the fort, made in part because of anticipated savings, was based on flawed cost estimates and could adversely affect the nation's ability to combat terrorism.

The Base Realignment and Closure commission estimated the cost of shutting Fort Monmouth at $780 million. The Press found the cost has more than doubled, to about $1.6 billion. Fort Monmouth employs more than 5,000 people, supports an estimated 22,000 additional jobs and generates about $3.3 billion for the state's economy. With the severe downturn in the economy, New Jersey can afford the loss of jobs less than ever. And the country can't afford to fritter away tax dollars on a move that never made economic or military sense in the first place.

There are several fronts being manned in the battle to save the fort. Both the Government Accountability Office and the Defense Department's inspector general are reviewing the circumstances surrounding the BRAC commission's decision. A lawsuit by the civilian workers' union to block the closure, denied in U.S. District Court in July, is under appeal with the 3rd Circuit Court. Pallone and Holt need to open their own front to have the decision stayed.

Officials estimate it would take two decades to replace the 5,000 jobs that will be lost if the move continues as planned. Holt and Pallone can't allow that to happen. They need to start reaching out to the Obama administration and their congressional colleagues with renewed vigor, before the inauguration, to keep Fort Monmouth's operations in Monmouth County.

PS - logs do show that someone at the APP is reading my blog - I don't know why anyone reads this drivel but for my readers... thanks for reading. :-)

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