Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young Americans for Liberty

Following on the heels of my recent youth rights related blog entries, I am pleased to share an email I received notifying me of a new organization known as Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). The Mission Statement and Principals are clearly defined:
YAL Mission Statement
The mission of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is to train, educate, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle". Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.

YAL Statement of Principles
We are the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). As Americans we recognize the God-given natural rights of life, liberty, and property set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual and directed by we the people. We recognize that freedom deserves responsibility and therefore we hold ourselves to a high moral character and conduct. Integrity emphasizes our stance towards action. Principle defines our outlook towards government. Peace and prosperity drives our ambitions towards our countrymen. We inherit a corrupt, coercive world that has lost respect for voluntary action. Our government has failed and dragged our country into moral decay. The political class dominates the agenda with a violent, callous, controlling grip. And, for this we do not stand. We welcome limited government conservatives, classical liberals, and libertarians who trust in the creed we set forth. WE, as Young Americans for Liberty believe:

THAT government is the negation of liberty;
THAT voluntary action is the only ethical behavior;
THAT respect for the individual's property is fundamental to a peaceful society;
THAT violent action is only warranted in defense of one's property; 
THAT the individual owns his/her body and is therefore responsible for his/her actions;
THAT society is a responsibility of the people, not the government.
The email I received was a Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty email as follows:

December 2, 2008

Dear friend of Liberty,

This past presidential season I saw a renewed enthusiasm from our country’s youth.

An excitement for liberty gripped the college campuses unlike I have ever seen before. Young people were energized for real change.

Still to my amazement, our college rallies attracted thousands of young people. Students were hungry for the message of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

For this reason, a youth-based movement for liberty is essential to our cause. It is these young men and women who will become tomorrow’s champions of liberty.

That's why I am giving my enthusiastic endorsement to Young Americans for Liberty (YAL); an organization that is built directly on the success of Students for Ron Paul.

My National Youth Coordinator, Jeff Frazee, is launching this organization with an ambitious goal of starting over 100 campus chapters in 2009. They have already started 47 chapters this semester.

Jeff worked with me exclusively to start the Campaign for Liberty (C4L) and host the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis. Now, he is leaving to follow his real passion and lead Young Americans for Liberty.

The Campaign for Liberty has supplied $25,000 in seed money to help start YAL. I hope you will join in support as well.

Young Americans for Liberty is the continuation of Students for Ron Paul.

Students for Ron Paul established over 500 college chapters in all 50 states. Over 26,000 students joined our campaign. With this network and my support, Young Americans for Liberty is essential to building a genuine liberty movement in America.

You and I must remain serious about our ideas and goals. I am. I believe you are too.

Back in the 1960s, an influential youth movement formed around another anti-establishment presidential candidate. His name was Barry Goldwater. The organization was called Young Americans for Freedom; and without it, we may have never seen Ronald Reagan in the White House.

I have high hopes for Young Americans for Liberty, and wish them a similar fortune.

Please visit the Young Americans for Liberty website, sign up for their weekly E-Newsletter, and read about their plans for next semester.

Their website is at http://www.YALiberty.org

The importance of YAL to the future of liberty cannot be overstated.

Young people have the passion, energy, and dedication that many of you can relate to from this past year and a half. But, young people do not have very much money. It is up to you and me to give them our support.

So please go to Young Americans for Liberty's website http://www.YALiberty.org , sign up for their free E-Newsletter, and read about the future of our youth.

In liberty,

P.S. – Join me today to continue the Revolution on campus. Please visit the Young Americans for Liberty website http://www.YALiberty.org to read about their mission and join their effort.

I'm excited.

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