Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Aniversary with Dear Frank Pallone

I encourage my readers to join Tom De Seno is celebrating a 2nd Anniversary of Pallone Lying to Asbury Park. Over his 20 year career, Mr. Frank Pallone has lied to us all many times and I'm glad to see others joining in on the celebrations of Mr. Pallone's failures and lies.

With that said, you might have missed last years 2nd Anniversary of the Polluted Branchport Creek but don't fret, July is fast approaching and "sources", along with the signs still in place, tell me that Monmouth Park has still done little to reduce pollution in the creek which will sure lead to a 3rd celebration! I do hope that Mr. Pallone attends this year and tells additional promiseslies.

If anyone is planning celebrations to commemorate Pallone's failures with the FEMA issue in the Bayshore area, Pallone's failures with Ft. Monmouth or any other Pallone failures, there are plenty, please do let me know as I would be happy to join you in celebration of New Jersey's most useless Congressman, Frank Pallone.

In fairness, it's not all bad, Pallone is doing a great job supporting India these days; so for a change, I do give him credit for his work for the people of India and many other foreign nations that he was not elected to represent. Good work Frank.


Honest Abe said...

Pallone cares nothing about his district. Except for the fact that federal law says you need to have one, he would dispense with the Sixth District altogether and just carouse around Washington espousing left-wing causes.

Son of Liberty said...

At least he cares about the Dolphins snif (tear in left eye)