Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hopefully this Peanut Butter Recall isn't as long lasting as that China Lead Paint problem

While browsing the recent recalls to make sure that my puppy's treats and/or my treats were safe, I noticed that a least a few years (I lost track of when the problem first got widespread/mainstream coverage) later, we still don't seem to have the China lead problem under control. Here are THREE recalls for the same problem this week alone - it seems there are still three or four mass recalls a week at this point.

Lip Gloss Keychains Recalled By Markwins Beauty Products Due to Risk of Lead Exposure - 75,00 units - China

High School Musical Manicure Kits Recalled by Fantas-Eyes Due to Risk of Lead Exposure - 15,000 units - China

Discount School Supply Recalls Jesus Fish Beads Due to Violation of Lead Paint - 500 units - China

You'd think with all of these politicians in office who are so concerned about passing right infringing laws in the name of "for the children" at least a few of them would get together to put an end to the problem once and for all. Maybe this is another think that Frank Pallone's office can look into instead of wasting time with Joe Baca (D-CA-43) and his video game warning labels. Intentionally going straight for Godwin's Law - that Hitler must have had some incredible video system long before the Atari was even an idea, just stop Joe Baca.

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