Monday, January 19, 2009

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean Free At Last. About Time and Good - and My "Local Angle"

Great news.

If you aren't familiar with the story - try the blog.

And for the local angle - This morning's Worst News Paper Ever reported on the story of Kerry Edwards the Freehold man who was falsely and wrongly arrested and imprisoned for 30 days in a case of mistaken Identity. Now, Freehold Twsp doesn't want to pay the man the legal settlement because Mr. Edward's lawyer may or may not have spoken to the free press. TERRIBLE. Not to mention that this story comes just a week or so after the story of drunken police officer, Bernard Sullivan, the soon to be former Wall Twsp officer who was accurately stopped, charged and arrested for drunk driving being awarded $500,000 of tax payer money.  Again, TERRIBLE.

If you've read my thoughts on my old workout partner's, George Calleia, case, you'll know that I've often questioned the power of the police and judicial system and how any one of us Average No Ones could find ourselves in prison or jail, with nothing to do about, right or wrong, just waiting for that "fair and speedy" trial, by a jury of our peers.  Oddly enough, our next Governor has been a victim of over powered police as Steve Lonegan was once (wrongly) arrested for protesting Corzine's toll hike scheme. Maybe Steve should be collecting $500,000... or $127,000 for his wrongful arrest - or maybe we just need political leadership, police leadership and judicial courts that are not corrupt abusers of our rights.

In any case, enjoy your freedom Mr. Ramos,  Mr. Compean, Mr. Edwards, and even you, the now wealthy on tax payer money, Mr. Sullivan!


Son of Liberty said...

How are you so positive Sullivan was guilty and not the target of a political hit.

I am not saying I know when way or the other but you seem awfully sure.

James Hogan said...

I can't be so sure or positive, however, the story seems to be that he was stopped in another town that same night and even though the other officer thought that maybe Sullivan had a bit much to drink, he was let go - probably out of professional courtesy. I’d suppose it’s possible that a motivated officer in his hometown could hear of the incident on the radio and aim for his own stop.

I've also been told by some locals that he has a bit of a reputation as a drinker/drunk which doesn't help his cause. A municipal court judge found him not guilty of drunk driving but I've been to municipal court and been found not guilty of speeding at 72mph, but guilty of being "careless" instead - in other words - the municipal court decision doesn't prove anything to me about his sobriety, just as the court didn’t prove I wasn’t speeding but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t either. For that matter, I’ve been ticketed for moves that officers believe were careless, I personally didn’t find my maneuver to be careless and likewise, Sullivan may or may not have been over the legal limit, it doesn’t mean that his driving wasn’t impaired.

Ahh... maybe I'm just forming another opinion based on half-truths and hear-say, wouldn’t be the first time, and my bias towards officers is shining bright.