Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Media Hypocracy - "Back to the Oven"

Imagine if you will, that some blogger suggests we have a "take a 'n' to work day" or if we have a local mayor comment about "Staten Island Girls" and the OUTRAGE that would follow. Imagine if I were to run a newspaper and print a cartoon of mohammed in a bathroom with Larry Craig? I might not be alive today!

Yet these animals are able to shout "Back to the Oven" at their anti-Israel rally and the TV media isn't picking up the story as they did with the local mayor of a shitty town in NJ making a silly comment about a shitty town in NY... and if I'm lucky the media will now pickup my blog since I'm name calling *TWO* cities. Where are our "leaders" condemning this kind of speech? Where is the demand for an apology, the counter protests, the Al Sharpton march or the Call Out Jewish movement ala the Call Out Gay concept?

Oddly enough, the dummy who seems to be the biggest racist was at a rally held by "ANSWER" (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism ).  

There is a great entry at American Thinker on the subject and is worth a read.

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