Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NJ may consider driving privileges for immigrants

(from the day late department)... At least according to NewsDay.

A panel advising Governor Jon Corzine on immigrant issues is considering recommending the state allow undocumented immigrants "driver privilege cards" and in-state college tuition rates.

Wonderful. Meanwhile I need my "6 points" to get my DL which includes my old DL, a passport, 3 pints of blood, a testicle, my birth certificate and my mother's written approval. And that was just "back in the day"... "when I was your age".  I think these days if some 16 or 17 year old tries to get a permit and license they are required to leave a kidney for DMV inspection and background checks. How much did it cost the tax payers to fund DMV's implementation of the 6 point ID to ensure that we're all real people with real credentials, so that now we can undo said system and allow law breakers (that's what ILLEGAL aliens are, right?) to have access to the system.

Of course, I could go on and on about how/where these illegal aliens with "driver privilege cards" would get insurance, or loans to afford a car for that matter.

I imagine that anti-youth crusader Freeholder Barbara McMorrow has no problem with this type of legislation so long as youths, who according to her are the problem, can't get a drivers license, at least without a sticker for their bumper to make them easier targets for police and additional restriction on who, when, where and what they can drive.

Again, these are the people we seem to have elected... ohh well, it could be worse, I mean hospitals could be going broke providing care to illegal aliens while health insurance rates increase for everyone else... as long as THAT doesn't happen I think it'll all work out....  hrm.

Edit: Just checked my email this morning and this is what My Pal, Steve Lonegan has to say about the topic:


Last night I was on Fox 5 News talking about a report from a Corzine-stacked panel of left-wing liberals endorsing in-state tuition at public colleges and “driving privilege cards” for illegal aliens.  

I strongly oppose these ideas and have urged legislative Republicans to stand united against these proposals.  

There’s no doubt that state spending is out of control and needs to be reduced, not increased as the in-state tuition proposal would do. And giving illegal aliens drivers licenses -- regardless of the name, not only makes our state a magnet for illegal aliens who are a net drain on taxpayers, but also tells our children that the law is a joke.

One potential candidate against me in the primary has endorsed the Corzine Administration position that illegal aliens are “here to stay” and we should give them not just amnesty but the same rights as those who came here legally. I respectfully disagree. Strong enforcement actions in states like Arizona have completely turned around an out-of-control situation where illegal aliens were straining social service budgets and creating enormous burdens on the health care system.

As a society we must send a message that those who laugh at our laws will not be coddled any more. The politically correct liberal way has failed and New Jersey is the best example anywhere of that. While conservatives in Congress like Scott Garrett will be working to stop Illegal Alien Amnesty in the next two years, we can take steps right here in New Jersey to tell those here illegally to go somewhere else and that is to end government benefits to illegal aliens -- not expand them.

It’s as simple as that.

Please, help Steve Lonegan defeat Corzine.


Anonymous said...

Came to post an opposing point, realized that it was pointless after re-reading your, and Mr. Lonegan's screed. No amount of data will change your mind. I will however point you to this from

Jesse O. Kurtz said...

Well-said. I was on a conference call with Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr., who completely dodged the question of when the Republican caucus will challenge Jon Corzine's Attorney General Anne Milgram's un-constitutional edict preventing law enforcement from enforcing immigration laws.

Steve Lonegan is the Republican candidate who can teach Republicans to act like Republicans again.