Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pallone Tilting at Obama's Windmills?

President Obama has hit the ground running with his $1TRILLION spending plan to boost the economy and get America working again. I'm not sure where this $1 TRILLION is coming from (well, my paycheck shows that I might have a clue, but let's pretend I don't) but *SOME* of Obama's ideas do hold some great merit, in my humble opinion.

One of Obama's ideas for spending some of that TRILLION (remember, a trillion is still a LOT of money, even though the number gets thrown around like feces in a monkey cage these days) is to "double renewable power capacity in three years" and wind power seems to be a front-runner in Obama's plan. This is where the new President's plan becomes a problem for our own Congressional dolt, Frank Pallone.

For as long as I can remember, Frank Pallone has been labeled as "good for the environment", a label that I still can find no reasonable proof to support; his record on the Monmouth Park issue is a perfect of example of where he fails. In either case, despite claiming to be such an "environmentalist", Pallone has consistently been fighting the development of off-short wind farms near the Jersey coast. See where this is going?

In this September 27, 2004 press release Pallone is "Concerned that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could allow the construction of a wind farm off the Monmouth County coast without any public input or an assessment of the environmental and economic impacts, U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) today requested the Army Corps not permit the construction of any offshore wind farm projects until the federal agency has completed a comprehensive assessment of all potential environmental and socio-economic impacts." It's been over 4 years, two terms, where are we on that Frank? Same place we are with saving Fort Monmouth? Same place we are with those FEMA flood maps?

The evidence that Pallone, and other NJ State Democrats, don't want to build offshore windmills for clean, renewable energy and energy independence continues as the Siera club notes economic factors. Oddly enough, we now have a President who seems willing and able to somehow fund those windmills - creating jobs, providing clean, renewable energy and most of all - NJ SHOULD be high up on the list of placing to receive some federal money for those windmills, or at least a prime location for companies who receive some money to do some real development. Frank still opposes off-shore wind farms to the best of my knowledge, so what happens now that Obama seems willing and ready to give state's money to develop wind farms?

What is Frank going to do? Will Frank take some Presidential money for the people of his district so that we can create some jobs constructing these windmills, the transmissions lines needed for them, the maintenance, and then We the People can reap the benefits of clean, renewable, alternative energy sources? Or will Frank fail the people he claims to represent (no not the people of India, Frank - New Jersey - D6, remember?) and allow the opportunity to pass by while he continues to claim his "environmentalist" tag line?

If Frank takes the cash and allows New Jersey to tap into wind energy, is he admitting that his 20+ years of fighting off-shore development was a non-sensical sham or will he just take the cash and keep quiet like a good boy? Or maybe Frank will Tilt at Windmills like he fought for Fort Monmouth, aka, put on a show and do nothing (like he always does) so that the windmills can go up and he can pretend he did something?

Should be interesting to see what happens, or doesn't happen.

As a side note - being the nerd that I am - I have started building a small windmill for myself following these instructions. So far it has been a fun and educational project and I hope to be able to power a few lights in case of emergency with the windmill, maybe figure out a way to connect this to a few outlets in the house for those energy wasters like cell phone charges, TV boxes that never really power down, etc .  If this one works out well, I've already found the plans for a bigger windmill that could provide enough power for things like a refrigerator, TV, computer, etc. I'm not sure that I have the amount of land/resources needed to not require ANY power from the grid, but it would be nice if I could cut my grid usage in half as we've already taken steps in the house to minimize our usage. As a final note, I suspect that there is some zoning regulations in Long Branch that I'll be violating WHEN I put my windmill up on my own property at my own expense, but I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I get done building.

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Son of Liberty said...

Of course he is fighting it. Why would we want any industry in NJ. Especially one that creates clean energy.

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What a maroon