Friday, February 27, 2009

Adding to the list...

I know I'm just harping and should find something better to do, but I noticed while out for lunch that Fortunoff on Rt 35 across from the Monmouth Mall, in Eatontown, is also closing.  As I've been pointing out the list of empty office/retail space, I keep forgetting that Levitz, in Eatontown, is also closed and has been an eye-sore for a year or so now. Also, Boscovs at the Monmouth Mall is another HUGE, closed retail space. If I'm missing any other stand-outs, someone please let me know.

I'll try to also add something positive. Eatontown has a great little park/nature preserve on Wyckoff Rd; behind Toys-R-Us. It's a nice place for walking with the dog, really. Don't tell Trenton Democrats/COAH about the park, they might try to build houses there.

BTW - this might be worth a read - a story on OhhhMan's budget. Remember when stupid Hillary Clinton  wanted to give every newborn $5000? OhhhhMan took the opposite approach and instead wants to give each newborn, for the next few generations, each a bill for $12,000 or so; sad.

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