Monday, February 23, 2009

Eatontown, NJ is Falling Apart, Literally

There is not much to say here except to think that this is the future of New Jersey, and America, if things don't change soon. And by "change" I don't mean nO[bama] change at all.

I've previously posted pictures and commented on the story here [A Tale of Two Towns: Red Bank v. Eatontown] and here ["WaaaaWaaaa" and "Fight The Blight"]. I don't have too much to add now other than I suppose that the next "problems" for these NIMBYS is "you must remove the eye-sore that is this building with the red tag reading "THIS BUILDING IS DECLARED UNSAFE FOR HUMAN OCCUPANCY" (I suppose it would be ok for the SPCA to house some cats and dogs in that disaster area then? hrm.) Following the removal, the next complaint from the NIMBYS will be "there is too much noise from the highway we purchased homes next to so you must build a sound barrier/wall now".  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have no idea who is running Eatontown, but they stink on ice.

The below pictures of what WAS the Eatontown Roller Rink should say the rest.  Sad, it could have been a nice WaWa, safe for human occupancy, where a few people were employed. I was one of about a half dozen folks in the parking lot taking pictures so I image you can find similar pictures elsewhere. Feel free to download/copy/print/distribute these pictures as your own if you have some use for them. When you done, you might read Tom's notice: Behold Your Future America

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