Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good-bye Crane Cams - You Will be Missed - Blame Eatontown

My racing buddies have alerted me that an American icon in race parts manufacturing, Crane Cams, whose parent company is based out of our great state of New Jersey, has closed it's doors and laid-off it's Florida workers.  

What's more... take a guess at which great city in New Jersey Crane Cams parent company, Mikronite, is based out of.  If you guessed that dump called Eatontown (hey, that's where I work, for now, until my place of employment closes at least) then give yourself a pat on the back and an "'at a boy". Eatontown Stinks. See here, here, here or here for proof. Look for yet another "space for lease" sign along Industrial Way in front of #556. I'd count the number of such signs along that road on my way to work tomorrow morning but it could lead to a crying fit and depression.

As side notes...
1)  Before I started my current job, I used to work for a health care company based out of Eatontown NJ - QMED was the ticker. They went bankrupt too. Managed Care Does Not Work, but I'll just Blame "Eatontown", it's easier.

2) It seems that Omni Fitness in Eatontown (used to be next to Mens Warehouse/Vitamin Shoppe across from Curcuit City/Pathmark (closed) has also closed as the store no longer appears on the Omni Fitness website; which sucks because I need new hookers. Mine broke tonight after 6 long years of service with a measly 425lbs on the bar - no cracks in the floor - love those 3 deep foam rubber pads!

Good luck out there, especially if you live or work in Eatontown, NJ or should I say, used to live or work in Eatontown NJ., the Not Too Distant Future Dump of New Jersey.

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