Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 96th Anniversary Income Taxes

On this Feb 3, 2009, we should all take a moment to celebrate the 96th Anniversary of federal income taxes which became the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution on this day in 1913. 

Just think... at some point back in 1908ish or so, and for the few years through 1913, some politicians were running for office to represent We The People and must have been saying "I'll approve federal income taxes to take your money!" and people (I guess) voted for this. Interesting really, I guess these were the same people who also voted to have their tax money taken to fund the DMV so that the DMV could take more of their money for "registration" of their private property, so that the local police could then take more of their money to staff their highway patrol units so that even more of their tax money could be taken in courts... wowzers, what were people in the early 1900 thinking???

Ohhh well - I gave away my 30% or so of my work to the government last year. If I'm lucky enough to stay employed for another whole year (and my New Year's Resolution was indeed to set a new employment length record for myself and stay with this job for at least one more full year), and Obama has his way, I might be lucky enough to give away 40% of my work via income taxes, exciting!

There is some good news here of course - many people will GET FREE MONEY BACK FROM THE IRS THIS YEAR! Or so they'll believe - they'll get back some small portion of their own money, minus interest, and then pay taxes on that too next year.  Sad. The other good news of course is that there is at least one man, Dr. Ron Paul, in DC who is trying to represent We The People and put an end to federal income taxes.

And this of course leads to me to my final note on the subject - you don't seem to have to actually pay your income taxes if you were elected to office, just ask Mr. Tom Daschle who "forgot" to pay $150K in taxes or so.  (More News on Tom Daschle) I think you or I would be in some dark basement answering questions for such a high crime, ripping off the US Government. Again, just think, this is THE GUY who WROTE the tax laws for you and I, and HE can't figure them out! Somehow, you and I are supposed to make heads and tails of the non-sense that is the law and pay the right amount. Perhaps the Redemption Movement guys are on to something after all?

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