Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kellogg's Responds to My Email RE: Phelps - Says "purely coincidental"

Curious, if this is true, why isn't Kellogg's getting on the TV with this "news". For that matter, if this is true, why doesn't Kelloggs file some defamation or libel type suits against the media?  Someone is full of it. Personally, I think Big Evil Corp. Kelloggs and Big Evil News Media are both terrible, but that's a different blog entry.  Here is my email and the Kellogg's response:

From: James Hogan
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 3:58 PM
To: Baynes, Mark
Subject: boo for you.

The best athlete, EVER, and you dropped his sponsorship over non-sense that our current president, and the two past presidents, also admitted.

I'll be making a conscience effort to avoid Kellogg products. Hopefully your company will be next in line begging for a bailout when American's stop buying your garbage.

James Hogan
Long Branch, NJ

Friendly, right? Here is the curious response:

From: Consumer Affairs
Sent: Feb 6
To: James Hogan

Thank you for contacting us regarding Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and our decision not to extend his contract.

We regret that the intent of our message was not clear. The contract was set to expire the end of February and with Michael's obligations to us met, our decision not to extend the contract was for business reasons and in no way diminishes Michael’s status as an athlete. We believe Michael has set a tremendous example through his work ethic and his accomplishments and are proud to have been associated with him.

The timing of this unfortunate incident and the end of the contract is purely coincidental. Again, thank you for the opportunity to share the facts of this situation.


Kathi Eckler
Director, Consumer Affairs

FYI - seems the stupid sheriff in SC is getting his charges together, looking to make a name for himself off of Phelps. 8 people arrested so far. Sad.

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