Friday, February 6, 2009

Kellogs Dumps Phelps, but not Obama

Kellogs has dropped their sponsorship of 14 time Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps for smoking pot. I'll be making a conscience effort to not purchase Kellog's crap products.

BTW - thanks to Google Images, there is a picture of someone else(Mr. Obama) smoking pot.

Whatever.... hypocrites. Phelps should stop apologizing and start bragging "I beat all of the records and toked up before every race!" then he should announce his bid to become the next President... when he's "old enough". The criminal charges in South Carolina are even more ridiculous, again, where are the criminal charges against the Oman for snorting coke AND smoking pot?

Last night on the "news", I heard some reporter claim that Olympians are held to a "higher standard"... higher than the President of the United States? We elected a pot smoker, I can't see why we can't have the world's best swimmerathlete ever being a pot smoker as well.


Anonymous said...

Agree! No more Kellogs products for me.

Amber said...

James, you are officially my new hero. I couldn't agree more with everything you just said. I mean, let's forget about all the murderers/rapists/thieves/child molesters/abusers/corrupt politicians/dirty cops/everything else that is worth using your resources to lock away other than "bringing charges against" some dude who toked up at a party for God's sake!!! Get over it SOUTH CAROLINA.