Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Every Now And Then, I Turn It On Again...

...but it's plain to see that the radio still sucks." - The Ataris

I've been swamped at work and have had little to no time for anything other than work, so I was quite disappointed this morning when I woke up and couldn't find O&A on my radio. The story is on most of the area outlets. Good thing I still have my Sirius XM subscription, for now.

I suppose this could be part of the reason corporations are failing - take the #2 rated show in NYC among men 18-54 off of the air and replace it with the same tired old songs people have on their MP3 players, then interrupt those songs with obnoxious commercials.  I'm no radio executive, just an Average No One, but it seems like a bad decision to me. Hopefully our tax dollars aren't being used to bail out the free media next; government ownership of the media might make us look a little more like China.

PS - Blog entries may be few and far between over the next few weeks as I try to meet some deadlines at work before I take a 2 week vacation.


Chris said...

"Hopefully our tax dollars aren't being used to bail out the free media next"

No, tax dollars will be used to implement the fairness censorship and get rid of the free media. What's left will need a bailout since it won't have any more audience.

Son of Liberty said...

I am disappointed to hear that an intelligent young person like yourself would find that tripe entertaining

sent from the bunker