Thursday, March 26, 2009

NUDE Teens! Really.

Before I get to the NUDE TEENS... My apologies to my loyal readers for the lack of recent entries, I've been extremely busy at work making sure that lead contaminated cargo bound for the US from China makes it here *insert sad face* while also getting ready for my first vacation, ever....

So without further non-sense- - I present to you two stories about NUDE TEENS!

In this first story, two 13 year old, TEEN GRLZ! from PA were photographed in their underpants by another TEEN GIRL and are being treated as pedophiles/sex offenders. Seems harmless to me, without being a creep, I can honestly admit to seeing plenty of 13 year old girls in bathing suits, which I'll have to assume isn't much different than seeing some 13 year old girls in a bra and panties.

I offer this second story, about another 13 year old TEEN GIRL! who was forcefully strip-searched, NAKED!!, by school "officials".

If politicians, judges, lawyers or anyone else truly cared about "the children", there is just one solution - allow the youth to vote. Allow the students to have a say in who is on their school board or town counsel. Allow them to have a say in who makes the agreements with teachers, who may violate their Constitutional rights rights (4th Amendment?).  If I had more time, I'd explain all of the parts of both stories that are just mind-boggling and sickening. One thing is for sure, our politicians are not protecting "the children" and if they were sincere in such claims, their efforts would be in lowering the voting age and ensuring that the Constitution applies to all Americans, regardless of age. 

So whenever Mr. Environment Frank Pallone is done celebrating Greek Independence Day, I challenge him to spend some time fighting for youth rights and really showing some care for defending the rights of "the children".. or maybe he'll want to address that lead paint problem at least.

PS - Tom DeSeno says Sex Sells, according to the worst newspaper in the world. Let's see if this headline draws some extra traffic.


Honest Abe said...

If that 13 year old was my kid, and her 4th Amendment rights were violated, I would strongly consider exercising my 2nd Amendment rights.

James Hogan said...

Agreed Abe. Which is why it is interesting to read in the paper Friday that Freehold is considering "random" drug testing for students in the district. (Random drug tests sought at 6 schools).

In my humble opinion, such testing is simply a way to condition the nation's youth into giving up their most basic rights, in this case ol' #4. Americans, all of us, regardless of age, are protected against UNREASONABLE search. Is the Freehold Board trying to setup their own case like this one?

Further, Mr. Wasser is not qualified for his current position, and somehow we should believe he is qualified to #1 conduct a search and #2 do so ethicly?

And if we go just one small step forward, this "random" drug testing is for school "children", at what point does someone then claim that an 18 year old (the magic age to be an "adult") who is in school is subject to these unreasonable searches? And then college students, and then first year employees at a company.

Could you imagine if the board were to try to submit teachers to "random" drug testing? The teachers union would be up in arms. Or imagine if public employees, including the mayor, freeholders or school board members themselves were subject to random searches?

Youths have the same rights that they are endowed by their Creator. "Adults" can not, and must not, take away those most basic rights.

As I've said, any politicians who claim to want to help "the children" could do so by ensuring that their voices are heard, on election day. Allowing youths to vote is the only way to truly protect “the children” just as allowing the public to vote is the only way to ensure that the public is protected from tyrany.

P.S. If there is any good news to working on a weekend (even after a pay cut!), it's that I can take a break to blog and not feel guilty of slacking.