Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Have to Protect "The Children"! (And raise money for the State)

No joke, we do. Haven't you read the news about this school shooting in Germany? Listen to the panic:

Was she afraid? Sandra thinks for a bit. "I was so afraid that I actually wasn't anymore," she says.

So I got to thinking, I'm like a smart guy and I can help "the children". Plus, if I could somehow help "the children" I could be a real, bonafide politician after all. So I reviewed...

Common places for shooting rampages:
1) Schools
2) Churches
3) Shopping Malls

Places where shooting rampages DO NOT seem to happen:

1) Local Police Station (This despite how unhappy you would think the local gangs are with those pesky po-lease)
2) Local Municipal Building (This despite how unhappy you would think the local population is with those pesky polly-ticians)
3) Shooting Ranges (where there are a lot of guns and people who know how to use them)

And then I realized, I have a solution to how we can protect "the children".

Shooting rampages just never seem to happen where there are guns.  It takes a rather brave, and I use brave here the way Bill Maher might have used the word brave,  idiot to walk into an area, where folks might be armed, and start shooting. Oddly enough, most of the cowards who go on shooting rampages seem to shoot themselves at the end, walking in the police station and pointing a gun could have sped up the process and saved a few lives, but I digress. 

The solution to shooting rampages is NOT stricter gun control, but less gun control. If every teacher, and I only say teacher because I'll assume teachers are over 18 and can legally own a gun, (which brings me back to my youths rights fight but again, I digress) in the school was carrying a pistol, how quickly could a teacher have ended this "rampage"? 

The same holds true for the shooting rampage in Alabama. If gun fire begins while I'm pumping gas over at the Hess station, I'm screwed, as are the men who are just trying to earn a buck nothing pumping gas for me. If I had my firearm with me, I'd find some cover, analyze the situation and take care of business, to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones, or even the lives of the good fellers at Hess who pump gas for me once a week. 

Regardless, my point is simple, where there are guns, there are no shooting rampages.

"Terrorists" even recognized that soldiers at Fort Dix were unarmed - they plotted an attack there. Why didn't the terrorists plot a rampage somewhere like Ft. Bragg or some other fort where soldiers might be doing some "live fire" exercises and be ready and able to respond? Right, shooting rampages do not happen where there are guns.

Which leads me to how NJ can raise some revenue: Sell Carry Permits.

Florida sells carry permits, for non-residents even. Yes, you and I, in NJ, can apply for, and receive, a FL state issued carry permit, that is recognized in about 30 states including nearby PA, DE, MD (but no good in NJ, NY). I'm proud to say that I have made my $117 donation to the state government of FL for such a permit. That is $117 that the state of NJ is not receiving. Surely, NJ could use the money. And oddly enough, I have no plans to travel to FL, or any of the states where I would be allowed to carry my firearm(s), so if not for selling me such a permit, these states would likely never see a dime of my money (except for what Obama takes from me and "redistributes" in those states, again I digress)

While the gun rights advocates would likely take aim at me for suggesting this, I'll even go one step further and say that I do believe that NJ should NOT reciprocate with other states on their permits. 

What NJ SHOULD do, is sell NJ carry permits to non-residents. Live in PA and work in NJ? Seems common, and that is a lot of "out of state" money that can pour into NJ. Then add in the gun owners who just HAVE to have a permit in every state and now there are 49 other states where NJ can make "sales" and earn some money. Everyone wins. And best of all, since there would be guns in NJ.... there will be no shooting rampages here.

Stay safe.  (Monmouth County's only range - that I know of - let me know if there are more)  - LOVE these guys and this place  - HUGE place - members only - never been but hear mostly good things

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Chris said...

Very well said!

And the best range around is Sunset Hill in PA. You can shoot anything from M-16 sniper and Ak-47 to Desert Eagle.