Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monmouth Park taking another swing at the Poo-lution

Oceanport Counselman Joseph Irace has forwarded noticed that on Monday, May 11, 2009, lawyers for Monmouth Park will be holding a meeting at the Oceanport Municipal Building Meeting Room at 7:00pm to tell us about their NEW, REVISED PLANS that will end their polluting of the Branchport Creek once and for all.

Please make your best effort to attend this meeting, that includes you Mr. "Do Nothing for The Environment" Frank Pallone. This July marks the 3rd Anniversary of when the POLLUTED WATER signs were erected along the river and surely Monmouth Park has been polluting the river for far longer than that. We, the concerned citizens of Long Branch and Oceanport are tired of the shell game Monmouth Park is playing and their excuses as to why it is taking so long to correct the problem. Come join us Monday May 11 7pm in the Oceanport Municipal Building and make your voice heard.

As an FYI - this meeting should discuss a plan which scaps the previous (3 month old!) plan which would have place a "force main" and a line below the river to pump waste to Long Branch.  MP has signed some new agreement for the Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority in Monmouth Beach to handle 500,000 gallons of water per day, thats a lot of poo-luted water, HOW/WHERE does this much polluted water come from?? Why can they now take this much but couldn't before? What about overflow now?  The new plan should hopefully address these questions and more and with a little luck, Monmouth Park will stop talking and take some action.

Oceanport's administration has done a remarkable job staying on top of the issue and working to resolve the problem and I thank them for their work. Mr. Frank Pallone should take notes from this public servants who care about the environment and care about the people who are at a health risk due to this pollution, he is the chairman of a subcommittee on health... It might serve county and state public servants well to make an appearance as well, after all, Monmouth Park/NJEA is a taxpayer funded entity.

Also, a local group I'm part is making an effort to see the plans early in order to have time to carefully review and come up with inteligent questions.  If you would like to be part of this group and/or see the plans early please contact me and I'll get you in touch with the person heading up that effort.

Here's to hoping that by this July 26th, 2009, three years later, those signs can be on their way to the local dump, and I don't mean thrown in Branchport Creek.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boring: As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound

Well, that is what these folks want you to believe. As my readers know, I'm generally a non-believer in any conspiracy theories and enjoy laughing at the theories.

But this time, with this "Swine Flu Conspiracy", I'm really just completely annoyed. Let me explain how the new theory wants to works. The same people who want to blame the US government for 9/11 are now repeating the story with 9/11 exchanged with Swine Flu. Boring. The same people blame Bush (Cheney really) for releasing this disease from his Double Secret Underground Lair, Dr. Evil style. The goal is, of course, so that the New World Order (NWO) can enforce marshal law and take over the planet, again, Dr. Evil Style. I've seen this same movie, a few times I think and read this same story in the form of the Moon Landings, 9/11, etc. It's boring, predictable and shows a real lack of creativity. In fairness, I have to give it to the JFK Conspiracy Theory guys. I don't believe them for a second, BUT they tell quite an entertaining story. The Mafia is involved, Cuban and Russian agents are involved (at the height of the cold war!), the US CIA is involved and all of these groups who should hate each other are working together for the common good of ridding the US of JFK... because JFK wants to return to "Sound Money" which would rid the world of the NWO! Intriguing!

With that all said, let me offer these guys some new ideas so that they can tell the same old story, with new, modern twists to entertain the readers. 

First, enough of using the same bad guy, the US Gov't. We the reader are tired of this bad guy, who isn't really that bad compared to some other potential bad guys. This bad guy is kind of tired and played out.  Might I suggest that since it's the NWO, you can choose a government from anywhere in the world. I'll suggest the rules of United Arab Emirates. So the scene starts in Dubai comma UAE.

The plot you ask? The Prince, because this country is already under control of the NWO and doesn't have fair, real elections, not even sham elections like ours of course *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*,  has invested TRILLIONS of dollars in fancy resorts in Dubai.  (It's true, follow the link, even Pam Anderson is in on the deal meaning we've also established the Hot Babe Character for our story to compete with Jackie O) .  Since no Americans want to travel to this armpit of the NWO's kingdom due to their oppressive laws, the Prince convinces his partners in the NWO that they must stop Americans from visiting resorts in Cancun comma Mexico so that they choose Dubia instead! Dun-nuh! Cue the evil music. First, the Prince decides to just try to make Mexico as dangerous, or more dangerous than, his own home country. So the Prince fuel a massive drug war in Mexico. He pits gangs against each other and the Mexican Gov't in an effort to make Mexico so unstable that Americans won't go there, and will choose his resorts instead. Sadly, the stupid Americans (cause they are sheep... another*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*) just continue to follow each other to Mexico despite the violence. Unhappy with his work, the Prince then sends his agents to Mexico to release the Swine Flu! Surely, no Americans will travel there now he thinks. But alas, his plan is foiled by modern medicine which his country does not have. He tries to convince the people not to use basic sanitary means and medicine to cure themselves and insists that 100% herbal solutions is the only way to go. He recommends "ionic silver ( more bio available than colloidal ) also oil of oregano ( organic is best ) both are excellent for dealing with viruses" (which is a quote borrowed from an email group I subscribe to). Again, once the Prince realizes that his new plan is also not working, he sends his agents back with a special underground Nuke and sets it off below Mexico City, causing a 6.0 Earthquake in an effort to end Mexico once and for all!

How will it end? Will the good people of Mexico succeed in foiling the Princes plot? Will the stupid Americans continue to go to Mexico and not Dubai? How will Frank Pallone get dragged into this story?

Tune in next week! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Have a nice day, and watch out for the NWO... and the Prince of Dubai comma UAE!

Monday, April 27, 2009

GM Cuts 21,000 US Jobs, Asks Obama for more US Taxpayer Money

General Motors, the former US automaker who then became the "multi-national" automaker, but now wants to be a US automaker again, has decided to cut the Pontiac brand, along with 21,000 jobs. It's worth noting that Pontiac was their 3rd highest selling brand in the behind Chevy and GMC. Doesn't seem like a smart business decision to cut one of the brands that sells the most while keeping the likes of Buick and Caddy. Who buys a Caddy anyway... the Germans have the performance luxury market cornered with far better cars. Then again, why would we expect GM to make a smart decision and keep a brand that sells - that might make sense.

So call me crazy, I do own two matching Pontiac TransAms, but why in the world would the US Government give a dime to a company that wanted to be a "multi-national" company and is now cutting 21,000 (some reports are claiming 23,000 - who knows what the real number might be in the end) from the US economy?  I can ALMOST understand if GM was going to cut 21,000 jobs from Mexico or Canada, claimed that in order to bring that work back here to the US costs them $1BILLION more than just leaving things alone but would create 21,000 more jobs in the US - then MAYBE, just MAYBE, I can sort of almost kind of understand why the US government MIGHT consider helping GM out. I personally still wouldn't help them out, let their shareholders decide if and how to invest in the company, but it is beyond my understanding and comprehension why the US government should provide a dime to a "multi-national" car company, that hardly makes a car in the US and is cutting the jobs of US workers instead of foreign workers. Make no mistake, GM is cutting jobs from the US economy, and then asking the rest of us who still have a job to give them our tax dollars.

Say good-bye to Pontiac, and then stop the bailouts and send GM packing. I'm sure "multi-national" Toyota will be more than happy to build more cars in the US than the "US" automakers. In fact, I might go invest in Toyota today, good buy or not, just to have less money for the Ohh-man to take from me to give to GM.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Proof that Al Gore is responsible for Global Warming

From the lack of humor department.... 

Straight from CNN - Thinner is better to curb global warming, study says

Here's yet another reason to stay in shape: Thinner people contribute less to global warming, according to a new study.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine published a study showing that, because of food production and transportation factors, a population of heavier people contributes more harmful gases to the planet than a population of thin people.

Given that it takes more energy to move heavier people, transportation of heavier people requires more fuel, which creates more greenhouse gas emissions, the authors write.

"The main message is staying thin. It's good for you, and it's good for the planet," said Phil Edwards, senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The study offers this novel approach to the global warming problem as U.S. lawmakers discuss the future of climate change legislation. This week, the the House Energy and Commerce Committee is scheduled to begin on a comprehensive energy and climate bill. On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that six greenhouse gases pose potential health hazards, an announcement that could prompt the regulation of the gases.

More than 1 billion adults worldwide are overweight, and about 300 million are obese, the study said. Generally, the body mass index, a measure of obesity, is increasing in most countries worldwide, from China to European countries to the United States.

BMI is going up because of the availability of food and motorized transportation, Edwards said. People are less active now than they were 30 years ago, and the prevalence of fast food has given people less healthy, more energy-dense options.

Using statistical models, the authors compared the distribution of BMI in the United Kingdom in the 1970s -- when 3.5 percent of the population was obese -- with a prediction for the country's BMI distribution in 2010, reflecting 40 percent obesity.

"In terms of environmental impact, the lean population has a much smaller carbon footprint," Edwards said.

The population with 40 percent obese people requires 19 percent more food energy for its total energy expenditure than the population with 3.5 percent obese people, the study showed.

This 19 percent increase in food consumption translates into an increase of 270 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the study said.

"The findings make sense and highlight an important global co-benefit of losing weight, along with the significant personal health benefits," said Patrick Kinney, associate professor at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, who was not involved in the study.

In terms of obesity rate, the U.S. population is not far off from the overweight population model in this study. The country has 33.3 percent obese people, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The study suggests that governments have a responsibility to encourage people to be more physically active, Edwards said. Active transportation, such as cycling and walking, helps maintain a healthy weight but requires safe streets, he said.

"If the government wants to promote active transport, which would be good for the environment and for individual health, it needs to make the environment safe to do that," he said.

Although climate change has come into the forefront as a major world problem recently, this is not the first time scholars have thought about the connection between fossil fuel and body fat.

In 1978, a year the United States experienced an oil shock, a study in the American Journal of Public Health showed that if all overweight people in the country aged 18 to 79 reached their optimal weight, the resulting energy savings would equal 1.3 billion gallons of gasoline.

After the dieting period, about 750 million gallons of gasoline would be saved every year, said the authors, Bruce Hannon, professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Timothy Lohman, now professor emeritus at the University of Arizona.

Today, research has shown that the obesity epidemic costs the United States about $100 billion a year, said Dr. Martin Donohoe of Portland State University, who runs the Web site Public Health and Social Justice. In terms of energy expenditure, the average food product travels 1,500 miles to get to your table, he said.

Some measures to curb obesity include making healthier meals available in schools, putting nutritional information on food packages and menus, and banning trans fats, he said.

I'll extend an open invite to Mr. Gore to come by my house in beautiful Long Branch New Jersey comma USA any day or time to use Hogan's Home Gym at no cost... you know, because I'm sure Mr. Gore reads my blog. :-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Voters say NO to Long Branch School Budget

Good. I did. And in my opinion, we should have. Sadly, more voters didn't make their voices heard.

Why would I vote NO.. I mean "kids count" right?

Here are few things I've considered, some have little to nothing to do with the actual budget...

1) Joseph M. Farina is making base pay of $222K for 240 days of work per year. 25 vacation days, 12 sick days, 4 personal days. Nearly $12K in "allowances". Another $10K in "Extra insurance". Then $11K more in his pension and $5K more in his retirement. A bit overpaid to run a school system which fails to produce results. Take a pay cut Joe and maybe I'll vote Yes to a school budget.

2) Joseph  Farina is such a pompous fool that he named a school after himself. When the school is renamed (at Mr. Farina's 100% personal expense) I'll be happy to vote Yes to a school budget.

3) These administrators make too much money to do nothing well also:
When these people join Mr. Farina in taking a SUBSTANTIAL pay cut, maybe I'll vote yes to a school budget.

4) When the signs on school playgrounds/fields no longer advise that the public is not welcome on the playgrounds or playing fields. We the people, the public, own the schools and the grounds. If we want to get together for a pickup game of tag or running bases then I ask what better and safer place to play is there than on school grounds? Worried about a law suit if some kid falls and scrapes a knee, perhaps what is needed a real reform of the legal system and lawyers, not banning kids from playgrounds. When the schools begin to serve the people, I'll be happy to vote yes to a school budget.

5) Teachers are generally overpaid. Not all, but most. For example, here is a teacher making 77K/yr to teach 1st graders in Long Branch. Now I can't be sure, it's been a long time since I've been in the first grade, but I think I learned to print my name and maybe say the ABCs at this level. Maybe I learned some addition too, but I certainly didn't learn about rocket science. Regardless, in first grade, we're not talking about a job that requires advanced knowledge like the high school calc teacher or the chemistry teacher, or even the home ec teacher who might have to at least know how to put out a fire should the oven be set aflame by someone's cupcakes. In fairness, I also found many teachers and administrators where the salary seemed a bit low for the responsibility/grade level.

6) When someone in Long Branch kindly reviews the 3 and 4 year old program and discovers that 50% of the students in the program don't live in Long Branch but use a Long Branch address in order to take advantage of the cheap day care. We have a whole school dedicated to 3 year olds and I think there might be 3 year olds taking up class room space in a second building now. Of course, as I've been caught saying in the past, putting 3 year olds in "school" is ridiculous anyhow; it's public day-care. 

7) When I stop getting letters from the school in NOT ONE (1), NOT TWO (2), BUT in THREE (3) different languages. Send the letter in English. Only English. I know we don't have an official language here in the USA but let's be honest, English is the unofficial official language. I don't need to pay to have a letter translated into Spanish and Portuguese every time a letter goes out and I don't need to send 3 sheets of paper through the printer (triple the cost) and through the mail. Save a tree or something, it's Earth day. When the local ACLU or some other group of dolts complains, ask them politely to use money THEY have raised to translate, print and mail the letter to their members... Seeing as there is a large Jewish community in the Elberon section of Long Branch, I've been awaiting a 4th translation/page in Hebrew... not to give out bad ideas or anything.

And by the way - I  voted NO and wrote myself in. I will NOT "choose three" when there are only three names to choose from. I think this is how elections used to work in Iraq and still work in Iran.

The bottom line is that the public school system, not so different from the public DMV system, is just broken and more money on a broken system doesn't solve the problems. I'm glad to see the budget voted against and I hope that the school board and administrator begin to review the problems and make the drastic and significant changes that are needed here in Long Branch and throughout the state.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Protect "the Children", Badge NJ State Trooper cars

I simply leave some links:

If only the Gov. would require those terrible drivers to somehow identify themselves, possibly with a sticker on their back window, he and those "children" would have been much better off today.

If anyone happens to have a picture of what the GDL stickers will look like, please leave me an email, thanks.

Drug bust going down in Long Branch New Jersey comma USA

I have it on good word that there is a (minor but serious) drug bust going down on my street here in lovely Long Branch New Jersey comma USA.  The police man who has been running surveillance from my driveway while I was away told me so. 

I'll look for the story in the APP in the coming days.

War on drugs vs waste of money vs safe neighborhoods vs the Man could have asked for permission to use my driveway if I was home... FYI - I'm not involved in any way with any kind of police force although I like to be considered armed and dangerous, at least when inside of my own home.

PS. I invest in Smith & Wesson in more than one way and if you had bought some shares around November at $1.50ish or so, you'd be glowing today with the $6.54 price. I'm a happy investor and owner.

PPS. I'd like to pickup a M&P .45 soon. If any readers happens to have a line on a good price for one (legally, so the police man doesn't come back to my driveway) please let me know.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Folks Aren't News at the APP

In a very tragic accident, Raymond Sangastiano, 79, of Toms River was killed on April 18, 2009 when the older gentleman crashed his Buick into a motorcycle and then a truck.  The motorcycle rider, who the NJ DMV will be doubling the registration and licencing cost to this year, suffered a serious leg injury and was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center.  Sadly, because the man who was killed was, well, old (79) the APP decided that the tragic event was not worthy of being front page news and should be hidden from the majority of readers.

However, a 16 year old was "critically injured" (not killed) in a car accident tonight in Jackson and the story made front page news so that everyone can see that teen drivers are apparently terrible people.

The whole stories can be found here and here.  

Perhaps that old man in Trenton, who doesn't wear a seat belt, needs to sign a law that would require old folks to have badgesstickers that read "OLD" instead of "GDL" on their cars since I for one care about old folks, even if the APP doesn't and would like to see the old people be safer as well as some indication to other drivers, especially the 50 year old on the motorcycle and the 21 year old in the truck, that an OLD driver is near-by which might present some danger.

RIP Mr. Sangastiano and please Get Well Soon Ms. Thomas.

Back in the USA! Where We Age Discriminate

I'm back from a long vacation in the Dominican Republic and happy to be home in Long Branch New Jersey comma USA, where the water is so clean, you can drink it right out of the tap!

I'll get back to blogging regularly once I catch up on a little over 700 emails. Rest assured I'll have a whole lot more to say about HitlerCorzine forcing the JewsYouths to wear a Yellow StarGDL Sticker at all times in public but for now, please enjoy a history lesson we should learn from and not repeat.

Some notable excerpts, it's possible that the striked out words and their replacements are mine:

Of course the obvious benefit of the badge to the NazisPolice was the visual labeling of the JewsYouths. No longer would the rabble only be able to attack and persecute those JewsYouths with stereotypical JewishYouth features or forms of dress, now all JewsYouths and part JewsYouth's Parents were open to the various NaziPolice actions.
Because let's be honest, most "Youths" targeted by this non-sense don't own their own cars so it'll mom and dad's car with the GDL sticker on it and YOUR car that the police pull over, just because.

The badge was an obvious, visual, step back to the Middle Ages, a time before Emancipation.
But soon after its implementation, the badge represented more than humiliation and shame, it represented fear. If a JewYouth forgot to wear their badge they could be fined or imprisoned, but often, it meant beatings or death. JewsYouths came up with ways to remind themselves not to go out without their badge. Posters often could be found at the exit doors of apartments that warned JewsYouths by stating: "Remember the Badge!" Have you already put on the Badge?" "The Badge!" "Attention, the Badge!" "Before leaving the building, put on the Badge!"

But remembering to wear the badge was not their only fear. Wearing the badge meant that they were targets for attacks and that they could be grabbed for forced labor.
Under the NaziPolice regime, JewsYouths were constantly in danger. Up to the time when JewishYouth badges were implemented, uniform persecution against the JewsYouths could not be accomplished. With the visual labeling of JewsYouths, the years of haphazard persecution quickly changed to organized destruction.
I'll openly admit, I have no idea where either Steve Lonegan or Chris Christie stand on the idea of GDL stickers, or the disaster that is NJ's DMV (who by the way is raising the cost of licenses/registration to cover a budget gap - but adding the cost of millions of GDL stickers), but I'd like to think neither of them would take the Hitler approach to law enforcement.

As a PS - I'm pretty sure that Monmouth County Freehold Directory Barbara McMorrow was on the commission that though GDL badgesstickers was a good idea. Luckily she's not running for reelection.

Another PS - Is Jon wearing a seat belt yet? How are you healing there old fella? Does your State Police driver need a GDL sticker?

Another PS - The dummies at the Worst News Paper Ever published a terrible editorial this morning claiming this was somehow a good idea that will save lives noting "More than 400 teenagers have been killed in motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey since 2002" which is interesting because I'm willing to bet that cigarettes have killed more than 400 teenagers since 2002 but all that the government does is raise taxes to make more money off teenagers who buy cigarettes - which oddly enough - the GDL sticker doesn't make teen drivers any safer, it just lets the government make more money off of the teenagers and their parents who end up paying the fines or court fees where their offspring are harassed simply for being the wrong age.

And finally - do I think the deaths of over 6 million jews compares to a few extra traffic violations issued to some "kids" driving in NJ, no not at all - but the method is indeed the same.